Clippers 104, Nuggets 98- In Which Kenyon Martin Comes Up Big

Good win, good thread, good night Nuggets.

Clippers vs Nuggets coverage

Denver Stiffs

Clippers stay on pace with the Lakers. All they need is LAL to slip up once, and the Clips could take 3rd, the Division, and a potential 2nd round matchup with OKC.

Roll Call Time!

Roll Call: ThaFoX, John Raffo, Bui Himself, ClipperBEAST, Beasel, mTumi, JackduhSun, 82-0, Charles Ha, twistedwrister, jfraj, Xfactor26, Valdeezy, agolden, Champ Crawdaddy, wilriv21, Newton Pham, chrisd, Rakelds79, NewCavsfan, lovinglosangeles, phitePSEF, muckduck, UC.Clipper, osamu, Oh WTF, Carlos Castillo, LJ Hann, SurfinQ00, kingjames10, CB1Fan, peterghost, ColBlahHa, My dukie twinkles, Guyver423, Swagmeister33, dulciusXasperis, yaggiefresh, oLiViNGSToN, ENCUEROMAN, PlayD, Pawn, shap, Clipperoo, andrewexd, bc56274, clippernationriseup, tenkaistar, Final692, 2-ScoopIceCream, letgordondunk, DWest, ClipperFon, mdLuffyOP, kikyexcel, racm, Hengtime81, Piatkowski fan!, chargerclipperfan, XXDC2XX, Josh4LAC, baron_davis needs a fro, Jayq, isaacthegrreat, lbclips, ILL Eagle, Lawler's Law
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Name # of Posts
ClipperBEAST 165
agolden 161
JackduhSun 124
Valdeezy 118
82-0 106
chrisd 93
wilriv21 85
CB1Fan 84
Xfactor26 77
twistedwrister 76
LJ Hann 65
SurfinQ00 65
Rakelds79 65
My dukie twinkles 59
UC.Clipper 58
Bui Himself 58
Champ Crawdaddy 49
osamu 41
ThaFoX 38
Beasel 36
shap 36
Charles Ha 36
Jayq 35
Carlos Castillo 26
Swagmeister33 24
lovinglosangeles 24
mTumi 24
yaggiefresh 17
peterghost 16
bc56274 16
kingjames10 16
muckduck 16
Guyver423 13
NewCavsfan 11
2-ScoopIceCream 10
jfraj 10
andrewexd 9
ColBlahHa 9
Pawn 8
clippernationriseup 8
isaacthegrreat 8
Hengtime81 8
lbclips 7
Clipperoo 5
phitePSEF 5
chargerclipperfan 5
John Raffo 5
Josh4LAC 4
Final692 3
Lawler's Law 2
baron_davis needs a fro 2
PlayD 2
Oh WTF 2
Newton Pham 2
tenkaistar 2
DWest 2
Piatkowski fan! 1
ILL Eagle 1
kikyexcel 1
dulciusXasperis 1
mdLuffyOP 1
racm 1
letgordondunk 1
ClipperFon 1

So ClipperBEAST had the most comments. The top comments?


Wake 'n Blake
by Bui Himself on Apr18, 2012 8:11 PM PDT reply actions

d[arn] do these refs believe in the 3 sec rule????

Dufus was in the paint for like 8

by My dukie twinkles on Apr 18, 2012 8:12 PM PDT replyactions

let's hope Al Harrington tries to take the game over

by Beasel on Apr 18, 2012 7:49 PM PDT replyactions

Those are the three runner-ups, worth 10 points each. The winner? I hate to give it to him, but

It's cute how the refs think we're watching to see them.

Clippers // Chargers // Rays // Boise State

by 82-0 on Apr 18, 2012 8:17 PM PDT upreplyactions

Worth 50 points to 82-0! Congratulations! You've just won the first-ever Tim Kempton award!

So the actual totals:

Bui Himself: 68, Unranked

My dude twinkies: 69, Unranked

Beasel, 46, Unranked

82-0, 156, 3rd

And that's all for tonight! See you tomorrow night when the Clippers take on Phoenix!

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