Clippers 107, Hornets 98 Roll Call

Well, another comeback in Staples today.

Hornets vs Clippers coverage

Hornets vs Clippers boxscore

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CP3 with 33, 13, and 8? Unreal! 21 and 15 isn't bad for Blake either.

This is the roll call for the Lakers/Thunder open thread, and both Clippers/Hornets open threads.

Guys... I won something...

Roll Call: muckduck, shay, SurfinQ00, LJ Hann, indy818, ClipperBEAST, peterghost, NewCavsfan, Valdeezy, 82-0, osamu, tenkaistar, ThaFoX, XXDC2XX, Bui Himself, chrisd, baron_davis needs a fro, JGlanton, Tim Tebow, Wilpatyo, lbclips, phitePSEF, wilriv21, JJClipperfan, Dawool Huh, bc56274, apostolos.pos, isaacthegrreat, oLiViNGSToN, yaggiefresh, ColBlahHa, Newton Pham, Buddahfan, wavenstein, therunningcow, dulciusXasperis, dan73962, Divine Beast, ClippersCurse, CLIPPERDEAN, ErichKim, My dukie twinkles, oakhillswag, Final692, Champ Crawdaddy, Natedog1977, Patrick KB. Nugget, BelgianClipper, Swagmeister33, cassellmania, Jayq, andrewexd, kikyexcel, Xfactor26, mTumi, 2-ScoopIceCream, jon y, jfp114, PV Mike, Clipperoo, paris clips man, Hengtime81, bestclipfan, UC.Clipper, Oh WTF, zac4president, agolden, lovinglosangeles, shap, JackingtheJill, chimichanga, John Raffo, oneight, dc5dugg, David Harnden, FlyByKnight, CB1Fan, WammyGiveaway, KillaClip, Carlos Castillo, Koshu, smart_guy, Josh4LAC, cliptakular, clippa j, ganima, JackduhSun, saxmanager, AV., jlim4
Total Users: 90
Total Posts: 2624
Total Threads: 3

Name # of Posts
LJ Hann 205
Divine Beast 164
Hengtime81 154
wilriv21 140
Valdeezy 136
tenkaistar 127
82-0 125
SurfinQ00 114
My dukie twinkles 107
chrisd 100
ClipperBEAST 80
muckduck 70
shay 55
osamu 49
Jayq 48
lovinglosangeles 44
apostolos.pos 42
UC.Clipper 40
Bui Himself 34
shap 34
Xfactor26 32
Clipperoo 30
NewCavsfan 29
David Harnden 28
ThaFoX 26
JGlanton 25
Buddahfan 24
agolden 23
therunningcow 21
cassellmania 21
Wilpatyo 18
Newton Pham 18
JackduhSun 18
KillaClip 17
bc56274 16
phitePSEF 16
JJClipperfan 16
Oh WTF 15
isaacthegrreat 15
lbclips 15
baron_davis needs a fro 14
mTumi 12
Koshu 12
CB1Fan 12
dulciusXasperis 12
yaggiefresh 11
ColBlahHa 11
BelgianClipper 11
dan73962 11
peterghost 11
paris clips man 8
Tim Tebow 8
John Raffo 8
WammyGiveaway 8
chimichanga 7
bestclipfan 7
saxmanager 6
indy818 5
dc5dugg 5
JackingtheJill 5
andrewexd 5
2-ScoopIceCream 4
zac4president 3
wavenstein 3
PV Mike 3
Final692 2
cliptakular 2
kikyexcel 2
jon y 2
jlim4 1
AV. 1
Carlos Castillo 1
smart_guy 1
Josh4LAC 1
clippa j 1
ganima 1
Champ Crawdaddy 1
oakhillswag 1
ErichKim 1
ClippersCurse 1
Dawool Huh 1
Natedog1977 1
Patrick KB. Nugget 1
oneight 1
jfp114 1
Swagmeister33 1
FlyByKnight 1

Tim Kempton comment of the Night Award:

Runner-ups (10 points each):


by shay on Apr 22, 2012 7:42 PM PDT replyactions

Shouldn't EJ be rocking a suit right now?

So weird to actually see him in uniform.

Clippers // Chargers // Rays // Boise State

by 82-0 on Apr 22, 2012 7:45 PM PDT replyactions

And our winner, for the 3rd straight night (sheesh, step up everyone else):


that thug Harden is clearly to blame for interfering with Saint Ron’s elbow! Seriously, what planet do you live on? There is ZERO excuse for Artest’s actions.

Clippers // Chargers // Rays // Boise State

by 82-0 on Apr 22, 2012 7:47 PM PDT upreplyactions

Just the right amount of sensibility and sarcasm. There's an extra 50 for you, sir.

How does this affect the totals?

shay, 55+10=65, unranked

82-0, 125+10+50=185, 2nd

Goodnight everyone! See you Tuesday when the Clippers take on the Hawks in Atlanta!

Note: I won't actually be on the thread tuesday... shhh!

Clippers vs Hawks coverage

Peachtree Hoops

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