Lakers 113, Clippers 108

Gasol still died twice.

Well, that's how it goes. A furious comeback was stalled by DeAndre Jordan drop, and the rest is in the play by play.

Lakers vs Clippers coverage

Lakers vs Clippers boxscore

Don't bother going to Silver Screen and Roll

Well, despite the dissapointing game, we had a Clips Nation record 2785 comments spread out over the four threads.

Normally, 148 would win the thread for me. Same with 163 for SurfinQ00, and agolden with 173.

But, uh... it didn't quite go down like that.

The winner?

JayQ, as he always seems to be, with an astounding 372 comments, the most I've ever seen. Jackduhsun's 345? The second most ever.

So we kicked butt tonight, even if our team didn't.

Roll Call: Jayq, LJ Hann, mdLuffyOP, Valdeezy, agolden, zac4president, XXDC2XX, Bui Himself, hans007, ILL Eagle, ClipperBEAST, JackduhSun, baron_davis needs a fro, 82-0, SurfinQ00, Divine Beast, yaggiefresh, Wilpatyo, FlyByKnight, TheLobTHEJAM, Xfactor26, C.P.3east, Clipperoo, ThaFoX, buc.a.clip, AudioDope, mTumi, Champ Crawdaddy, UC.Clipper, dan73962, chargerclipperfan, KidJustin, dulciusXasperis, cassellmania, religiousjedi, clipdood, B-Finesse, Beasel, nauticazn25, bc56274, Jonee, tenkaistar, PlayD, slidey1, Carlos Castillo, indy818, oLiViNGSToN, RAR, lbclips, deux02, Josh4LAC, timkempton, the new Bradfather, Tony1975, jfp114, Hakob, mustang6944, Borroto, DieterDeux, WammyGiveaway, Lawler's Law, My dukie twinkles, Charles Ha, andrewexd, halosfan4ever, TinkyTime, ColBlahHa, jtballard2, oakhillswag, therunningcow, Thrashkill
Total Users: 71
Total Posts: 2785
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
Jayq 372
JackduhSun 345
agolden 173
SurfinQ00 163
LJ Hann 148
82-0 140
ClipperBEAST 126
tenkaistar 111
Xfactor26 111
Bui Himself 84
Valdeezy 74
Beasel 62
Champ Crawdaddy 55
indy818 52
Wilpatyo 51
buc.a.clip 51
zac4president 41
UC.Clipper 37
TinkyTime 37
chargerclipperfan 37
oLiViNGSToN 36
the new Bradfather 36
mTumi 32
DieterDeux 32
nauticazn25 31
lbclips 31
halosfan4ever 21
Divine Beast 20
baron_davis needs a fro 19
hans007 18
cassellmania 16
dulciusXasperis 16
Jonee 16
jfp114 13
timkempton 11
KidJustin 11
dan73962 11
Lawler's Law 10
Tony1975 9
bc56274 9
ColBlahHa 9
Carlos Castillo 8
ThaFoX 7
AudioDope 6
clipdood 5
Clipperoo 5
mdLuffyOP 5
ILL Eagle 4
WammyGiveaway 4
Borroto 3
My dukie twinkles 3
oakhillswag 3
FlyByKnight 3
mustang6944 3
religiousjedi 3
C.P.3east 3
deux02 2
PlayD 2
Josh4LAC 2
B-Finesse 2
slidey1 2
jtballard2 1
Thrashkill 1
therunningcow 1
Hakob 1
Charles Ha 1
andrewexd 1
yaggiefresh 1

Next Game:

Clippers vs Kings coverage

Sactown RoyaltySactown Royalty

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