"The Clippers are due to exhaust their miracle supply at some point"

This is a quote from KA that was posted by LJ Hann so that we can have a laugh at the media's perspective on this Clippers team. Now, in a different tone, somebody out there should write these guys back and explain them nicely and patiently just how idiotic these "miracle" statements are.

What exactly do they mean by miracle:

1. CP3? No. CP3 is not a miracle anymore. He is amazing, he is proven, he is fantastic. Extraordinary - yes. But he is not a miracle. A miracle is something unexpected, unexplainable, impossible. When used in a metaphorical sense, yes, CP3 is a miracle to this Clippers franchise, but from a game-to-game to perspective, he is not a miracle anymore. Adjust your expectations please - CP3 has been playing at this extraterrestrial level for a while now. It's just his talent, level of play. Constantly calling CP3 a miracle either means a) the media is underestimating CP3 (then those guys probably need to follow CP3 more closely before delivering idiotic statements, or b) every time CP3 plays, he delivers an even greater miracle, which yes, is a miracle in itself, but is hardly the case because CP3 has been playing at this level at a CONSTANT rate.

2. Our reliance on a key player? Just look over at our co-tenants -the Lakers have Kobe to do what CP3 does. The Knicks have Melo, Chicago had Jordan. There is nothing wrong in a key player taking leadership of the team in difficult situations. It's called leadership. Now, if the team's leader is inconsistent or does not have the experience or simply does not have what it takes (case in point, the Rudy Gay of the so-much-worshiped Grizzlies) then yes, there is a problem. Is it solid to rely so much on one player? It is a debatable point, some will say yes, others will say no, but when CP3 is simply THAT good (see point 1 above), I see no problem in this strategy.

3. Our comebacks? These unacquainted reporters may not have followed this Clippers team throughout the season to see how many comebacks we managed. Not as fantastic as game 1 of the series, but definitely with the same urgency and dedication. At some points, I felt like the Clippers are even comfortable giving up 3/4 of the game to make a push in the fourth quarter. I don't think it is an intentional thing, it just happens. What matters most is the scoreboard at the end of the FOURTH quarter, not the third, not at halftime. And what does NOT matter is how you got there.

4. Our LUCK? As much as we can reason about points 1, 2, and 3 above, there is still this one X factor that cannot be quantified or adjusted for in game play strategies. Yes, I will not argue with them on this point - it seemed like Fortune was on our side in many, many instances in this series. And the old saying goes Fortune is on the Winner's side. Clippers did not go into the game and hoped that aliens would abduct Grizzlies key players. Nor did they count on an invisible hand to protect their basket. However, what they DID is come in with dedication and a healthy attitude to NOT GIVE UP and played every possession as if it was their careers' last. They dived on the court to save lose balls going out of bounds.They ran the floor like mad men. They BELIEVED.

YES, they may have had a doze of luck in many instances, but THAT WHO DOES NOT TRY SHOULD NOT EXPECT!

Now, if there is another explanation of what they mean by "miracle" please let me know. But the way I see it, the only miracle is that these so called PROFESSIONALS still have a job, given how idiotic they sound.

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