Clippers 82, Grizzlies 72: CLIPPERS WIN!!!!

Clippers fans, see you in San Antonio on Tuesday.

Grizzlies? See you next October.

Clippers vs Grizzlies coverage

Clippers vs Grizzlies boxscore

Straight Outta Vancouver

Roll Call: zac4president, LJ Hann, Mass4prez, agolden, Oh WTF, ClipperBEAST, wilriv21, CB1Fan, Hengtime81, NewCavsfan, bc56274, shap, JackduhSun, 82-0, hans007, My dukie twinkles, dulciusXasperis, deux02, isaacthegrreat, oLiViNGSToN, bdpjumbi, SurfinQ00, L.AClipperFan, Guyver423, tenkaistar, AudioDope, buc.a.clip, nauticazn25, j0hNxy, phitePSEF, apostolos.pos, ThaFoX, religiousjedi, JJClipperfan, dan73962, RamonGonzalez, Divine Beast, ENCUEROMAN, lbclips, ClipShip, dooder, Valdeezy, paris clips man, Guitarzan, dc5dugg, lovinglosangeles, Xfactor26, Handsome_B._Wonderful, andrewexd, Bui Himself, crazyj, Stitch626, slidey1, DonaldSterlingSucks, Archon, ClippersUK, the new Bradfather, LancerEvox2k, Charles Ha, oasisman, BeatenValue, KillaClip, TheLobTHEJAM, UC.Clipper, Clipperoo, Jonee, mdLuffyOP, DannyDodger, ClipperFon, CIipperNation, twistedwrister, HaroldEllisFan, ColBlahHa, XXDC2XX, Tony1975, clip shot, ecrazy, ILL Eagle, pegitom, TinkyTime, IWishWeStillHadTimSalmon, oneight, Lawler's Law, muckduck, Jayq, kirbs, Newton Pham, BigBangRobbDawgg, Final692
Total Users: 89
Total Posts: 3135
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
JackduhSun 333
LJ Hann 212
82-0 156
ClipperBEAST 144
SurfinQ00 139
Hengtime81 124
dulciusXasperis 118
Guyver423 108
tenkaistar 98
zac4president 98
wilriv21 97
lbclips 96
agolden 95
shap 93
Valdeezy 91
NewCavsfan 86
nauticazn25 73
Clipperoo 59
DonaldSterlingSucks 53
My dukie twinkles 49
buc.a.clip 49
Xfactor26 47
CB1Fan 47
phitePSEF 39
apostolos.pos 39
Divine Beast 39
Oh WTF 38
oLiViNGSToN 34
bc56274 34
dan73962 31
UC.Clipper 26
pegitom 24
the new Bradfather 23
Guitarzan 23
Bui Himself 19
AudioDope 19
crazyj 17
ThaFoX 14
Mass4prez 14
andrewexd 13
hans007 13
paris clips man 12
dooder 12
bdpjumbi 11
lovinglosangeles 10
LancerEvox2k 10
Handsome_B._Wonderful 10
dc5dugg 8
ClipShip 8
religiousjedi 8
RamonGonzalez 8
j0hNxy 7
BeatenValue 7
ColBlahHa 6
L.AClipperFan 6
JJClipperfan 6
Stitch626 6
Lawler's Law 5
isaacthegrreat 5
deux02 5
oasisman 5
Charles Ha 5
TinkyTime 5
BigBangRobbDawgg 4
kirbs 3
clip shot 3
DannyDodger 3
ClippersUK 3
KillaClip 2
ILL Eagle 2
slidey1 2
Tony1975 2
Jayq 2
Final692 1
Newton Pham 1
oneight 1
muckduck 1
ClipperFon 1
mdLuffyOP 1
Jonee 1
Archon 1
CIipperNation 1
twistedwrister 1
ecrazy 1
HaroldEllisFan 1
IWishWeStillHadTimSalmon 1
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