Randy Foye, Nick Young, and playoff rotations

So we were having a good discussion on the post game thread about this subject, so I just wanted to expand on my ideas a bit.

Randy Foye needs to go as a member of the playoff rotation. He cant do anything besides spot up jumpers, and Young is better than him at that. He is not a good rebounder, is not a very good defender, and isn't a good passer either. Basically, he is simply over his head playing 20 minutes in the playoffs.

Eric Bledsoe needs to move to the starting 2 spot to replace Foye. This would not only get Foye out of the lineup, but the added defense and energy in the starting lineup should keep the Clippers out of their often early slumps. This might also enable Young and Mo to operate a bit more freely in the 2nd unit.

Nick Young, however, should still not get huge minutes unless he is absolutely on fire. As I stated in the thread, I believe him to be the most selfish player in the NBA, and he is one of the worst rebounders as well.

His Rebounding%, or number of rebounds he gets per amount that occur while he is on the floor, is a paltry 4.4%. Of the top 50 PER SGs, his is the 2nd lowest, aside from Charles Jenkins on Golden State (who?).

His assist ratio, or the percentage of his possessions that end in assists is even worse comparatively: 5.6%. Now, there are only 5 other of those top 50 guys who have below a 10%, and the next lowest is Michael Redd at 6.9%.

In other words, he is a great spot up shooter, who is a huge detriment too offensive flow, and an even bigger liability on the glass. His length as a defender, along with his admittedly very good shooting, should get him around 20 minutes a game, unless he can't miss. Even then, all he will do is screw up the offensive flow, and take the shot every time.

There are 144 minutes at the PG, SG, and SF positions. These are the minutes I would like to see.

CP3: 36 minutes

Eric Bledsoe: 30 minutes

Caron Butler: 30 minutes

Mo Williams: 28 minutes

Nick Young: 20 minutes

I would like to hear some rebuttal, especially on the Nick Young thing, since I know he has his supporters.

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