My magical season...

This season just didn't feel as magical to me as it could have...

I know, I'm nitpicking right now. We just came from one of the best seasons in the history of Clipper universe. We acquired a true closer. We were at one point much better than the Lakers. What more could I ask for right?

It's difficult. I'm complaining (and applauding at the same time) because this was our best season. It's like being that one greedy kid that finally got what he wanted and is now asking for more. As a long time (but obviously not longer than some) Clipper fan, we've always dreamed of making the playoffs. It was never "winning the one" but just getting there first. We've finally done what most of us have dreamed of, and yet I still want more.

I feel like I want to complain about coaching. I really want to put my finger at this being the core of our problems. Let's face it, we're a bit undercoached. Not because Vinny doesn't know how to coach (and this is partially true but I'm not going to touch this) but because Vinny still has a lot to learn himself. Pop dubbed a non existent defensive strategy as something like "the Vinny" (or something in the nature) and theres no question the Clippers are dreadful when playing defense. This Clipper team struggles dreadfully when defending the perimeter, and when playing the Spurs it's going to cost you big. But it's not just defense, Vinny got outcoached. Plain and simple. Black and White. Silver and Black. This isn't just Tim Duncan out playing us, it's also the San Antonio showing good fundamental basketball such as playing defense, not forcing anything, and making the extra pass. Fundamental City vs Lob City. But it's not just that..

Injuries. I know it's apart of the game, but I feel like we could have gone further. I'm not going to say if we had all healthy players, we would've beaten the Spurs, but I know we would have been more competitive and that is what made my season a bit less magical. It started with Chauncey Billups tearing an Achilles tendon. Then Paul with a sprained groin that seemed to reaggreviate in the playoffs. Then Caron Butler breaks his hand. Blake Griffin with a sprained left knee (or bruise, whatever.) It just felt like the Clippers couldn't catch a break. Our best season in Clipper history and yet the "Clipper curse" seemed to have struck again (Steve's going to nail me on this, I know it.)

There's more, but I'm not going to touch it. I feel as if I've already started an angry mob with pitchforks and blow torches by claiming our magical season of unicorns and rainbows looks more like a season of hell and slaughtered bunnies. It's not. I'm just somewhere in between. It was a good season, we made a good run, and we sure as hell got what most of us wished for. But when the season started, I actually thought we'd make it further than the Lakers and even WCF, but that's neither here nor there. My fantasies at the beginning of the season is not on par with that of the current results. But that's just a personal thing.

But for what we have accomplished, I applaud the Clippers. We have next year to look forward to with good reason: a possible new coach, some identifiable team needs, and a full season that isn't as compacted. Maybe finally one day, Mud will be on top of the game, or the flying spagetti monster will bless us, but until then we've officially gone fishing. Here's to a good season, just not a magical one for me.

Oh by the way, this was just a quick string of thoughts put together, all scrambled from Charles Barkley talking about the game, with the gloomy feelings of knowing our season ended with a sweep, and every other little thing. Apologies for this being a crappy non--informative, non-edited rant. Turrible.

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