Spurs-Thunder Game 3 Thread and Mock Draft Announcements

Use this thread to discuss the Spurs-Thunder game 3 tonight, and if you're participating, check out some Mock Draft announcements after the jump.

The Mock Draft will be held this coming Sunday, June 3rd.

Here's the tentative schedule:

12:00 noon: Thread comes up

12:00 noon-12:30: Pre-draft trades announced

12:25: #1 pick announced

12:25-1:15: Picks #2-10 announced, along with any trades

1:15-1:25: Break

1:25: Pick #11 announced

1:25-2:15: Picks #12-20 announced

2:15-2:25: Break

2:25: Pick #21 announced

2:25-3:15: Picks #22-30 anounced

3:15-3:45: Intermission

3:45: Pick #31 announced

3:45-4:30: Picks #32-45 announced.

4:30-4:40: Break

4:40: Pick #46 announced

4:40-5:10: Picks #47-60 announced

Here is the picking order:

01.) New Orleans Hornets | UC.Clipper

02.) Charlotte Bobcats | JayQ

03.) Washington Wizards | ILL Eagle

04.) Cleveland Cavaliers | damnesia32

05.) Sacramento Kings | bestclipfan

06.) Portland Trail Blazers (from Brooklyn) | FlyByKnight

07.) Golden State Warriors | ClipperBEAST

08.) Toronto Raptors | ganima

09.) Detroit Pistons | Ry Laughlin

10.) New Orleans Hornets (from Minnesota) | UC.Clipper

11.) Portland Trail Blazers | FlyNyKnight

12.) Milwaukee Bucks | agolden

13.) Phoenix Suns | ClipperFon

14.) Houston Rockets | Valdeezy

15.) Philadelphia 76ers | Peterghost

16.) Houston Rockets (from New York) | Valdeezy

17.) Dallas Mavericks | Clippsfan75

18.) Minnesota Timberwolves (from Utah) |

19.) Orlando Magic | Ray Samora

20.) Denver Nuggets | Buddahfan

21.) Boston Celtics | Clips Nation

22.) Boston Celtics (from LA Clippers) | Clips Nation

23.) Atlanta Hawks | NewCavsFan

24.) Cleveland Cavaliers (from LA Lakers) | damnesia32

25.) Memphis Grizzlies | Clips Nation

26.) Indiana Pacers | shay

27.) Miami Heat | lbclips

28.) Oklahoma City Thunder | tcanes

29.) Chicago Bulls | Hengtime81

30.) Golden State Warriors (from San Antonio) | ClipperBEAST

Second Round:

31.) Charlotte Bobcats | JayQ

32.) Washington Wizards | ILL Eagle

33.) Cleveland Cavaliers | damnesia32

34.) Cleveland Cavaliers | damnesia32

35.) Golden State Warriors | ClipperBEAST

36.) Sacramento Kings | bestclipfan

37.) Toronto Raptors | ganima

38.) Denver Nuggets | Buddahfan

39.) Detroit Pistons | Ry Laughlin

40.) Portland Trail Blazers | FlyByKnight

41.) Portland Trail Blazers | FlyByKnight

42.) Milwaukee Bucks | agolden

43.) Atlanta Hawks | NewCavsFan

44.) Detroit Pistons | Ry Laughlin

45.) Philadelphia 76ers | Peterghost

46.) Washington Wizards | ILL Eagle

47.) Utah Jazz | Blakeshow

48.) New York Knicks | Clips Nation

49.) Orlando Magic | Ray Samora

50.) Denver Nuggets | Buddahfan

51.) Boston Celtics | Clips Nation

52.) Golden State Warriors | ClipperBEAST

53.) Los Angeles Clippers | lbclips

54.) Philadelphia 76ers | Peterghost

55.) Dallas Mavericks | Clippsfan75

56.) Toronto Raptors | ganima

57.) Brooklyn Nets | Chilai

58.) Minnesota Timberwolves | The Pinball Wizard

59.) San Antonio Spurs | silverandblack_davis

60.) Los Angeles Lakers | Clips Nation

Make sure you have your e-mail open in another tab during the mock draft. Any official trades/draft choices must be sent to me via e-mail. When the user before you is on the clock, I will e-mail you to let you know that your turn is coming. Immediately after I announce the pick prior to yours, I will send you an e-mail informing you that you are on the clock. Respond to this e-mail with your final decision for a pick. Please include player Name, Height, Position, and School, as well a brief description.

For Example:

Me: Steve Perrin, you are now on the clock. You are selecting #21 for the Boston Celtics

SP: Anthony Davis, 6'10", PF/C, Kentucky. I'm amazed that Davis fell this far. I thought he would be gone in the top 3. He's an obvious choice for a Celtics team who needs a center, especially with Kevin Garnett as an unrestricted Free Agent.

The following teams are still available:

Memphis Grizzlies: Pick #25

New York Knicks: Pick #48

Los Angeles Lakers: Pick #60

If your team only has one pick, and you want a second team, you can pick up one of these three.

The Boston Celtics GM cannot make it to the draft, so the Celtics are available as well:

Boston Celtics: #21, #22, #51

Anyone who doesn't have a team can pick the Celtics up.

Let's make this Mock Draft great!

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