Clippers 87, Memphis 86; A Win is a Win, Right?

That was gross. 13-30 free throws. Letting Gay get 3 three pointers off at the end. But we won. So a win is a win. I feel disgusted right now, but that will pass. The Clippers are up 2-1. The Clippers won today. That's all that matters.

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Straight Outta Vancouver

Here's your roll call:

Roll Call: JackduhSun, ClipperBEAST, KillaClip, cliptakular, dulciusXasperis, tenkaistar, chargerclipperfan, NewCavsfan, hisaoawesome, My dukie twinkles, Divine Beast, halosfan4ever, the new Bradfather, Riddlah., 82-0, chimichanga, AudioDope, LJ Hann, shap, agolden, shay, JJClipperfan, Clipperoo, bc56274, Jonee, DannyDodger, Guitarzan, phitePSEF, Champ Crawdaddy, chrisd, oLiViNGSToN, CB1Fan, lbclips, andrewexd, MySDClippers, Lawler's Law, ill!, paris clips man, ThaFoX, K.dragnix, XXDC2XX, homercles, ColBlahHa, Valdeezy, cassellmania, mjtig, Charles Ha, ClipperFon, Swagmeister33, Xfactor26, Flathatter, JaySilver, Controversysells, Buddahfan, Piatkowski, HaroldEllisFan, Jayq, hollywoodcaveman, WaveOcean, MeToo
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Name # of Posts
LJ Hann 186
shap 153
ClipperBEAST 151
dulciusXasperis 144
Divine Beast 123
tenkaistar 119
agolden 108
82-0 105
JackduhSun 103
Jonee 86
the new Bradfather 84
AudioDope 52
bc56274 51
shay 48
andrewexd 47
DannyDodger 46
Flathatter 43
Valdeezy 41
chimichanga 37
hisaoawesome 37
halosfan4ever 37
Champ Crawdaddy 34
phitePSEF 26
CB1Fan 24
NewCavsfan 24
Guitarzan 23
Swagmeister33 22
oLiViNGSToN 21
ill! 20
WaveOcean 19
K.dragnix 16
cassellmania 14
KillaClip 10
Lawler's Law 9
chargerclipperfan 9
chrisd 8
JJClipperfan 8
paris clips man 7
Riddlah. 6
cliptakular 5
homercles 5
lbclips 5
My dukie twinkles 4
Xfactor26 4
Jayq 3
ThaFoX 3
ColBlahHa 3
mjtig 3
Charles Ha 3
hollywoodcaveman 2
Controversysells 2
Clipperoo 2
MySDClippers 1
MeToo 1
ClipperFon 1
HaroldEllisFan 1
Buddahfan 1
Piatkowski 1
JaySilver 1

No JayQ again tonight.

I'm headed over to Mavs Moneyball to watch that game. See you there, or otherwise back here at 7:15 on Monday for Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals: Clippers lead 2-1.

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