Grizzlies 92, Clippers 80: The Most Demoralizing Feeling

I don't know. This makes me feel less bad.

Chris Paul hurt.

Blake Griffin hurt.

Playoff loss.

What could be worse? I feel so demoralized. Because with just a few minutes left, before CP3 got hurt, I thought we were going to win. I legitimately did. The Clippers were only down 6. Paul had just hit a jumper, and I thought it was another 4th quarter push, and I thought we were going to San Antonio. And then he pulled his groin. And he came out of the game. And that was all she wrote.

Look at it any way you like, and there's one glaring fact that has me scared out of my mind right now:

This team is nothing without Chris Paul.

So there's that. I'll see everyone Friday at 5:15 in the thread as the Clippers try to clipse out the Grizzlies in 6.

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Straight Outta Vancouver

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