Will the Clippers(or Oshey) trade Eric Bledsoe for someone in the draft?

I think so here's an article from espn :

Yesterday we suggested that Portland could look to move the first of their two lottery picks for a point guard, perhaps Clippers' promising young backup Eric Bledsoe.

Our NBA draft insider Chad Ford touched on that topic today on the NBA Draft Blog, and mentioned why this could be the route Portland opts to take.

- Joe Kaiser

Chad Ford

Trading the No. 6 pick could be a good option

"The Blazers have two untouchable players right now in LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum. They could use help everywhere else. It will be very interesting to see if they roll the dice on Drummond if he slides this far. The upside, at No. 6, may be too much to pass up. But I also wouldn't be shocked to see the Blazers trade one or both picks if they can land a young point guard in return. This draft is weak on point guards and although many teams, including the Blazers, like Damian Lillard, the sixth pick may be a little high for him. The Clippers' Eric Bledsoe, the Pacers' Darren Collison and the Rockets' Kyle Lowry are possibilities."

My take on it:

I've been saying this for weeks Neil Olshey has said will be looking to pick up a 2 guard through the DRAFT or free agency.I also think this is what he was probably really talking about with Portland's management and Paul Allen. But still since we don't have a first round pick obviously we have to trade someone and since Bledsoe has so much value in a year were there's no good PG's in this years draft it makes a lot of sense.The Blazers have said they plan on trading one of there four picks right after the trade with the New Jersy Nets happened(because they didn't want 4 rookies on 1 team with a new coach ;which makes sense).Also for those of you who didn't hear about it Portland tried to trade Jamal Crawford for Eric Bledsoe mid season but of course Olshey didn't .

Also I'm a big fan of Bledsoe more then anyone else but when you think he has 1 year left be4 he becomes a free agent and with CP3 as the Point Guard of the future I'm not sure Bledsoe would stay with the Clippers just as a bench player also this is the highest his stock will probably be till then.So why not trade for a pick which would be a way smarter and cheaper option then signing someone like Ray Allen who doesn't have anything left.

Jeremy Lamb to me makes the most sense and is the only player I would trade Bledsoe for. Also Lamb is 6'7 and we need length on the perimeter ,he can shoot and usually works off screens which is exactly what we need.He's also a winner that won a title his first year in college. He would be the PERFECT third scorer for the Clippers future at the 2 spot maybe even the three if he gets stronger(him and Nick Young would have us set at hte 2 and 3 spots for a while)

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