Brandon Roy, KG, Billups, Ray Allen, T-Mac... Why not!? Let's just bring it!

As much as I'd like the Clipper Front Office to bring in another bona fide Super Star to lock in a Clipper Big Three... I don't see that happening now that Olshey is gone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that Olshey would have been able to pull it off. I'm just saying our chances of doing it are now thrown out the window. I don't think we can expect to have front office personnel and our coach pull double duty as GM to put together a real plan to make this happen. So for this off season, I say screw the big moves! Let's spice up the gumbo with some interesting pieces!

Brandon Roy! His name has been emerged as a potential experiment that could provide high ROI. I think that if we were able to get Brandon Roy on the team, he'd have a different attitude than what happened in Portland. While playing for the Blazers, the man was their Ace, and Brandon Roy upon his return from injury acted like their Ace. He was a man that believed he could still be their number one option and didn't feel as if his injury would slow him down. Unfortunately he wasn't given enough time on the court for us to see if he really was hurting, but I think that leaves everything still up in the air! Can he prove to the world he can still ball and that the injury can't hold him back?

Kevin Garnett is someone that won't be as easy to sign this off season, especially since he's mentioned he's planning to retire. Of course we had another man named Chauncey threaten to retire last off season before we signed him, but he seemed to like it well here. Maybe the same thing could apply to the Big Ticket???

Chauncey Billups has been one of my favorite players in the NBA since winning it all in 2004. I think the Knicks really made a stupid move with the amnesty and could have made it a lot farther in the playoffs if they had him on their roster. Of course with that "what if", I think the Clippers would have made it much farther had he been healthy as well. Bottom line, let's go get him. Chris Paul loves him, I love him, and I think Clipper Nation would appreciate that move. Come back to the Clippers next year Mr. Big Shot!

Ray Allen is a professional. He hadn't played well in the last playoffs but from what the reports state, it looks like the Celtics team had many fractures in team chemistry. Doc Rivers seemed to be the only glue that kept the guys playing together, but in the end it obviously wasn't enough. From what I saw last season, Ray Allen looked disregarded as one of the team leader and with reports of his problems with Rondo, I think his value was not fully utilized. Since it looks like all signs point to Ray Allen heading out of Boston, let's take him as our starting shooting guard. Why not?

T-Mac. Poor Tracy McGrady. 13 points in 30 something seconds. Think he can do it again? Probably not! But with the rest of the people on this list, why not give him a shot? He still plays as if he has something to prove, and he still wants to play. I think he'll obviously have to adjust but with the options we're looking at, I don't see why we can't give him a shot either.

Chris Kaman still loves us. I believe it. Why can't we sign him. Here's another name that has been thrown out there and he's been one to still prove that he can still post the numbers. His numbers with the hornets were solid enough, and I think having someone like him gives us a good option at center. Plus him and Reggie would become best friends. If we get Reggie back of course...

Michael Redd was an Olympian. Michael Redd has been forgotten. What happened to Michael Redd? I think he falls under the category of players that just need another shot at starting again. I think if he can get that 3 point shot and some confidence in himself, he makes a great addition to the Clipper team. From what it seems, he's got great character and can provide veteran leadership.

Troy Murphy, alright... I get it. Your probably tired of me throwing names out there by now and this will be my last one. But his last year as a Pacer he averaged 14.6 pts 10.2 rebounds and could shoot the 3 ball very well for a big man. Then he got injured, traded to the Nets, found himself the odd man out of the Nets roster, Avery Johnson didn't like his work ethic, lost his job to the guy that married a Kardashian, and then BAM! Third string power forward on the Lakers roster!!! Troy Murphy, I can't feel the pain you've felt... but believe me, I'd give you a shot on the Clippers... Heck, I kept you on my fantasy roster for a full season because I thought Avery Johnson might end up playing you eventually!

I know I've missed a lot of names out there like Lamar Odom, Keeping Mo Williams, Antawn Jamison, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Gilbert Arenas, etc... but I just wanted to focus on my irrational love for these certain players and who I'd want to see sign with the Clippers. Oh, that reminds me! You know who would complete this amazing team? The White Mamba himself! Brian Scalabrine. WHY NOT!? There is no reason not to sign the White Mamba.

*Please understand that as I wrote this post I am not considering contract amount, how many of these players we could sign, which players would actually be feasible signing with us, etc. It is out of pure speculation, opinion, and fun that I posted this article. Thanks for reading!

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