10 Most Disappointing/Overrated Clippers of the past Decade

10. James Singleton: There are probably 12 of guys I can put in this player's spot (See Quinton Ross, Bobby Simmons, Rasual Butler). He was a hustler/specialist who was overvalued by most Clipper fans and not by NBA coaches and executives. The guy was a good rebounder but could do nothing else. He lingered on NBA rosters for a few years, averaged 13 minutes per game over his career, and has not been heard from since.

9. Darius Miles: Phil Jackson once said that he can one day be "Dennis Rodman" on defense. Too bad he never tried that hard, never got better, smoked too much weed and got traded for our favorite Clipper in the last 10 years, Andre Miller. He was our 1st DJ project. Raw and a freak athletically, he dazzled us with dunks and enthusiasm. The head bump thing was cool but much like his tenure with team, it was more style over substance. Looking back, should he have gone to school for a year? Hmmmmm.

8. Mike Taylor: Remember the 35 he dropped at MSG? That was supposed to be our answer at PG! The kid could not stay consistent and constantly butted heads with the ultra-strict Dunleavy. He had a couple of amazing dunks and some spectacular scoring games. Did the Clippers not harness his talents? I feel better knowing that his career was short lived and that other teams couldn't make him an NBA player either. I'd love to have him on my pickup team at the park, though....

7. Marko Jaric: The savior from Europe was also supposed to fix our PG issues. He was tall, flashy, a great athlete and had dominated in Europe. Players liked playing with him because he used to pass the ball up court instead of slowly walking it up. The problem was the guy suffered from Kwame Brown syndrome and had zero touch when it came to the making shots. He bricked layup after layup and rarely hit a timely 3. I loved watching him pester smaller guards on defense but alas, he will mostly be remembered for his hot wife, the Sam Cassell trade, and that draft pick that got us Chris Paul.

6. Chris Kaman: The king of flippy floppy shots around the rim. He dazzled us with behind the back dribbling in the open court, finished with both hands as well as anybody, developed a killer outside shot later in his career and made an all-star team. But we all knew it was just a facade. He was not to be counted on for decisions in the last minute of a game or shot clock for that matter, he had stretches where he missed 8 consecutive dunks/layups in a row, he never came back early from an injury, and was never the consistent defensive force he could have been. His turnovers made you want to tear your hair out. He anchored our C position for 8 years and that counts for something. We hoped he could get headier as a veteran but that never came, and that is where the frustration lies.

5. Correy Maggette: The king of flopping at the rim, Correy should have concentrated on learning how to finish better and perhaps pass the ball at least 3 times a game. A great athlete who rarely used his tremendous ability to play defense. A selfish player by nature, KG once yelled to him in the closing seconds of a blowout game (after Maggs just got his 20 points in garbage time), "way to get yours". For all of this amazing physical gifts, he will be known for living at the FT line. That is OK, but all-stars are usually great shot makers, not just great foul inducers.

4. Al Thornton: Truth of the matter is that we didn’t get a steal at #14 in the draft as we all thought we did. It's funny how a guy can go from dropping 17ppg as a 2nd year guy and then dropping off the league's radar so quickly. I guess your weaknesses show once people start paying attention to you. Al's problem was that he just wasn't a very smart player. And for all of his scoring prowess, he was a horrible defender, passer and a not so great shooter. He was the king of the turnaround fade away about 1 step in from the 3 point line.

3. Shaun Livingston: One of my favorite players and one of the few I root for even when he plays against the Clippers. Remember how he was supposed to be the next Magic Johnson? Even before the knee thing, he was never going to be anything other than a solid starting PG. Maybe he could have had 1 or 2 all-star years. He had amazing skill but he could never shoot. Actually even today he can't shoot. The Clippers once turned down the opportunity to get Allen Iverson in his semi-prime but balked because they saw a future in SL. I wish we had that sports almanac like Biff from Back to the Future.

2. Lamar Odom: Another "next Magic Johnson" had all the potential in the world and blew it as a Clipper because he was immature. As good as a career he has had, he never became a perennial all-star even after he left the Clippers. Sure he has a couple of rings and has had a very good NBA career, but not for us. He had a spectacular showing in Miami which allowed them to trade him for Shaq. Coincidence that he grew up and played like a beast once he left the Clippers? I don’t think so. But that's no excuse. He was our future, and he begged Sterling to let him leave when his contract was up.

1. Baron Davis: This was a simple case of bad timing. We got Baron 2 years after he maxed out his abilities in GS, 1 year after Elton Brand was in a Clippers uniform. By the time he and Blake Griffin had developed a great chemistry together, the Clippers had enough of the Baron Davis show. Showing up to camp fat, selectively displaying maximum effort and fighting with the coach that was acting GM was his death sentence. His tenure with the Clippers can probably be summarized in one word: Disappointing. It was not an Elton Brand "I'm Leaving" disappointing. Rather it was a 3 1/2 year drawn out wish that he would show up one day and start kicking some ass.

Honorable Mention: Michael Olowokandi (not worth writing about), Chris Wilcox & Melvin Ely (drafted right before Amare Stoudemire), Tim Thomas (contact year superstar), Yaro Korolev (sheesh)

What do you guys think?

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