Who should we draft at pick#54

Pick #54

I'm fully aware that It's almost impossible to tell who will be available that late in the draft. But this is a deep draft in a position that we really need at the 3 spot behind Caron Butler so logically that's the position we should be looking at(especially considering management has said they're looking for shooters to surround CP3 with). We could also use a SG or Center but there's not going to be anyone worth drafting that late at these positions(plus we could just re-sign N. Young/C Billups or Reggie at the 5 spot can fill those holes for now).Anyways here's a list I put together today after watching the NBA draft combine.

*keep in mind there's better players in the draft then these guys but these are players that are projected to be picked in the 2nd round

#1 Hollis Thompson(6’8 SF,Georgetown) arguably the best shooter at his position(or maybe after H. Barnes).A 6’8 sf with a long wing span that can knock down that corner three as good as anyone in this draft(which is useful on our team since Vinny likes our SF’s to just stand and wait in the corners). An average defender but could improve.

#2Kostas Papanikolaou(6’8 SF,Greece,)Mvp of this past Euroleague championship. A great defender who just completely shut down A Kirilenko in that same Euroleague game recently(and even Lebron in a friendly 2 years ago). Good spot up shooter from the corners highly competitive.Only problem is he’s said he wants to stay in Europe one more year,still though more then worth it if he falls this far.

#3Kris Joseph (6’7 SF Syracuse)Good shooter, that knows how to get his own shot off(could work on his ball handling)but is a good spot up shooter. Played 4 years and was on most nights Syracuse’s best player. Played zone Defense at Syracuse so he might not be the best one on one defender but has length and speed to improve.
*would’ve had Orlando Johnson here but I doubt he’s available at #54

#4 Darius Miller (Sf Kentucky)Made big shots all throught his career/will be a solid role player in the NBA.

#5 Jae Crowder or William Buford <both solid defenders that play hard, but inconsistent shooters.
*Also some sleepers Kevin Murphy(worth a look a 6'7 SG that lit up weak competition at Tennessee Tech,And Vaggelis Mantzris(Greece)

All in all It's a deep draft at a position we need (,SF) Oh and I really Hope Clippers Management(whoever that is now) can sign Nick Young soon or will really have a problem at the 2 spot(and Ray Allen is not the solution he's always injured). Oh and for those of you that dont think we can sign Nick Young he was at game 2 of the L A Kings game with his CLIPPER SHORTS ON

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