Trading up in the Draft

Right now, the Los Angeles Clippers only have a single draft pick, the 54th, deep in the 2nd round. However, the deepness of this years draft might prompt a trade, especially since the Clippers have lots of excessive parts and trade bait, and several holes to fill.

Here are some ideas about trading up in this draft.

1. Trade up just a handful of picks into the mid 2nd round- around 40 or so. This would obviously be the easiest thing to do, and would probably only require this years pick and next years, or possibly just next years pick, or maybe just a bit of cash. The hope would be that some player expected to go late 1st or early 2nd somehow drops, and the Clippers would have a steal. Another idea might be that there is some player that the Front Office really wants, and is projected to go around that area or a little later. Trading up would help ensure that we get that pick.

2. Trading into the late 1st round or very early 2nd round: picks 24-32. This might be a move for a specific player, but it could also just be a grab for some cheap talent, since some pretty good players are expected to go in this range. Cash alone might get the deal done, or again, we have 2nd round draft picks in the future, this years, and two picks from last year in Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins to offer as trade bait. Some possible picks that the Clippers might want are: Will Barton (SG/SF), Jae Crowder (SF), Draymond Green (SF/PF), or Orlando Johnson (SG/SF). Green could be a big backup at the 3 spot, or be that stretch 4 we have needed for a long time, while the other 3 would all give us those big wing players we have also wanted for a while.

3. A move into the lottery: this could theoretically range from picks 2-15, but I suspect we are aiming for something around 10 or 11. For a deal like this, depending on the team involved, we could use an opted in Mo Williams (if a team is trying for a playoff push and wants a starting PG right away or bench scoring), Eric Bledsoe (He is probably a better PG prospect than anyone in the draft expect Lilliard), or a combination of 2nd rounders, future 1st, cash, and last years picks. I suspect the most likely deal would be Mo, cash, and a 2nd rounder for a really bad contract and a lottery pick, or Bledsoe straight up for the pick (maybe some garbage thrown in to make salaries work). We could then target a backup big man, like Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller, or Fab Melo, or wing players like Jeremy Lamb, Dion Waiters, Terrence Ross, or Moe Harkless (his draft stock is rising fast).

4. Somehow land a really high pick: 2-6. I doubt this happens, since most of the guys projected to go top 6 could easily be multiple-year all stars. Maybe we could pull this off if a team was REALLY high Bledsoe, or really disinterested in all of the top picks. My preferred pick if we somehow landed in this range would be Bradley Beal or Michael Kidd Gilchrist.

I think the most likely move is into the late 1st round for some cash and a 2nd rounder, or maybe just straight up for cash (3 million dollars is the max, but a lot of teams are willing to do that). I would be very happy with this move, as I think there are plenty of very useful players in that range.

What move, if any, do you think the Clippers will make regarding moving up in the draft? Also, what do you think the Clippers SHOULD do with the draft? (I dont know how to make 2 polls)

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