Shoot for specialists or long term potential

We are looking at, in essence, 3 potential roster spots to fill. This is assuming Adam Morrison is not signed or if he has, that Travis Leslie is hard pressed to making the team. It's fairly agreeable that the rotational players are set and mostly sound. In taking the time as we have the last week and a half or so to focus on the third tier of players, were names of Brewer, Milicic, Armstrong, Bellinini, Rush, Webster, Childress, Delfino, Pietrus, Simmons and Lopez, I took a moment longer and considered our options and best fits as it pertains to our current needs for supporting roles.

Looking at our needs we have shooting, wing defense, rebounding and low-post defense as ones that seem apparent. In these final three spots you, if your team is young with it's starting five, to get more specialists as they may not see much time to incorporate a total game. They will be expected to come in and produce with instantaneous results. So it would seem best suited for a "specialist" to be called upon for a specific need and to do it well.

It's been discussed that players such as Adam Morrison and Darko Milicic can answer the shooting, rebounding and defensive needs, and they very well may. In my digging, however, I have found a couple of players that may excel just as well and not be as much of a liability (which is always an advantage) or they flat do it better and their limitations are those that can be supplemented by the other for players.

The last player is that one that my be young and talented enough to have a future with the team.

These players work out as the following as they replace commonly desired players.

OUT: Adam Morrison, IN: Jodie Meeks. Adam is a scorer of sorts but does have that mentioned liability, which is defense were he moves like Frankenstein's monster with out the jolt of lightning to assist. He also does not quite excel, while he is pretty good at it, like Novak or Korver may excel. Meeks also is quite athletic while remaining a sniper (the guy has a 37" verticle). So we improve the shooting and even diminish the liability.

OUT: Darko Milicic, IN: Shelden "My-T Head" Williams (his nickname has actually been the landlord, for owning the paint). Darko Seems to be the ideal fit of wanting to have defense blocking and moderate rebounding. Shelden, however is strong, rebounds better, shoots the free throw MUCH better in the .700. While he normally doesn't, last year Shelden blocked wher Darko did not as much as he normally. Shelden controls the paint well and is a bruiser of a bruisers. He knows the game, playing 4 years under Coach K at Duke. He's not a 'super center' but he is super in a few ways that we can use.

Lastly, instead of going for a Martel Webster who sees the Dr. more than a nurse, this would be our gamble replacement. And it would be a small gamble. That would go to a Terrence Williams. The threat you hope the team that has him does find his "secret switch' and nab a still of a player that could be a starter. If not Terrence, then Chris Douglas-Roberts.

Terrence Williams snippet

Shelden Williams window view

Jodie Meeks show...

...he nails seven 3's in a game its six 3's in the FIRST QUARTER!!

.....this is my list ......until I ficklize!

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