Upgraded Team-- Now time for upgraded TV Analysts

As much as I liked Reggie Evans as a competitor that busted his ass for our team, I knew that eventually he had to go if we wanted to take the team to the next level. For the good of the advancement of our cause (a championship), we replaced him with a much more well-rounded and accomplished player in Lamar Odom.

As much as I like Mike Smith, I think there needs to be some kind of upgrade or change for the sake of change. You may point that nobody is calling for Lawler's head even though he's been doing this forever. But as we all know, Mike Smith is NO Ralph Lawler and his talents and opinions are expendable.

Remember in the 90's when Bill Walton used to sit in on some local TV games and gave us a HOF's perspective? That was awesome. How about bringing in Hubie Brown or Reggie Miller for a couple of games? There are tons of good analysts out there that would add a new and refreshing element to the games. Remember there are 82 games in the year, why not carve out 20 games for a former head coach, player or combination? Why not have a 3-man team on occasion?

We have a top announcer in Lawler, an unbelievable radio guy and a good enough production team on FSW that makes the games entertaining on TV. That being said... (per curb your enthusiasm)....

Dain Blanton is the worst interviewer on the planet and hasn't gotten any better over the last few years. He asks the obvious questions but never gets any real insight out of players. Players (esp. Blake) easily give him the cliché answers he's looking for and he rarely challenges them.

Eaves is an okay host for the pre, post and halftime shows. Maclean is reputable and says some interesting things but is dull as a doorknob.

I do subscribe to the NBA package on DirecTV and i know how bad some of the other announcing teams are. I even realize that just because guys do games for ESPN does not mean they are superior to our guys. But we have to add something new to the mix.

I find myself getting bored with the analysis. This may not be a problem to the casual fan, but I watch every single road game on TV and I rarely watch the FSW broadcast even if I have to listen to uninformed national TV guys butchering info about our team.

What do you guys think?

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