Sofoklis Schortsanitis Update: Weighs 354 Pounds - Bench Presses 442 Pounds

Pics taken July 4th, 2012:





Big Sofo training video - June 22nd, 2012

In recent days, "Big Sofo" became sought after. Even the Maccabi Tel Aviv, which the preceding months wanted to disengage from his contract, he made an impressive turn this time expressing its interest in maintaining the roster next year.

The money was offered, even more than those who spent Panathinaikos to the gain.

The proposal was spectacular Caja Laboral (about 1 million euros per year) and two related cooperation. The nearby Bilbao, which has built a great team in recent years, and Fotios Katsikaris added another dynamic to the Greek world, its multi-triumphant (Siena, CSKA, Benetton, AEK Athens) Nikos Zisis, was interested too hot for beastly center, but the matter did not proceed. The door and rang the Galatasaray who offered him a contract 2 years at 1.8 million euros.

So far everything sounds normal. Only in recent days he entered the gulf of acquisition and a team from the remote ... China, Shandong Kingston Lions, who were classified 13th in the league, but obviously have enough money to spend. It is no coincidence that last year's squad struggled in the former player of Barcelona and Maccabi Alan Anderson, and former Atlanta Hawks player of Othello Hunter.

The Shandong in Sofoklis offered 1.5 million dollars and that's because the new coach, veteran international Gong Xiao Bin, who replaced Bob Hill American (yes, it was the Spurs, Magic, Hawks and Clippers in the NBA and was the assistant coach Sonics) was impressed by the center and wanted him on his team. For the record, the football team Shandong (Shandong Luneng Taishan) works as a head coach.

Sofoklis, however, Panathinaikos wanted ... and can not ever admit it himself, but we know it was the "repressed", for this and accept far less money compared with other proposals that had been in his hands. The desire, indeed, "betrayed" on March 24, when in an interview with "Step" stated:

"Obradovic is a great coach, in which most athletes would like to work at some point in their career. On the other hand, Panathinaikos fights Diamantidis, with whom we have played together in Iraklis and the National Team. Creatively Mitsos , Sofoklis always start with ten points thanks to the passes. there. Now my opponents on the court "...

Of course, the question related to Obradovic and Diamantidis, but the response even in the midst of playoff Euroleague (Panathinaikos - Maccabi) constitute a clear indication that it had begun work on a specific scenario, which came close to take shape two summers ago but .. tripped on his own scruples Obradovic, who, having heard so many of Sofoklis obviously did not want to work with him.

Sofoklis, however, the 2012 has nothing to do with Schortsanitis of 2010 and especially in earlier years. With the help of his wife and now mother of their son, and some people who have stood beside him in very difficult times, the 27 year old center-realized that simply making the obvious (consistent in training and nutrition) may be at highest level and those who know him well dare to bet that put the switch back for good.

Currently, about to complete the recovery period after cleaning the newly presented meniscus. Last Thursday (28/6), the new MRI came out "clean" on a daily basis appears in the Olympic Stadium, but not yet closed at the basketball, which will be the new "home" for the next 2 +1 years but in the room used as a gym ... man, Kostas Chatzichristos.

Bystander, in fact, athlete, also located in the rehabilitation phase, recently stayed with his mouth open, watching Sofoklis lie down on the bench and lift 398 pounds without even breaking a sweat, and wearing flip slops! Shortly thereafter, easily lifted ... 442 pounds.

Exercise goes home, where having obtained a special bike for the cubic ... (incidentally had time to stabilize at 350-354 pounds) "devour" the miles while turning in good sporting life exceeded all expectations by announcing to his wife the program ... bachelor party in Corfu.

His marriage with Irene is scheduled for August 18, reckoned he would be with the National Team in Caracas and London, so chose this time, but ultimately was not called by Ilias Zouros, while intervening in arthroscopic and knee- but all the previous days will be with him Chatzichristous.

The Panionios trainer has put several times Schortsanitis on the straight road with his instructions, regardless of whether they sometimes struggled to bring him back in the classroom. Everyone, however, the athlete himself, Panathinaikos and coach who invested in the brutal forces, Argyris Pedoulakis, hope that you will not need special treatment again. And apparently, the "wise" decision has been taken. In his hand is to reverse the climate forever and become the most dominating center in Europe.

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