Would DJ be worth his contract if he were Tyson Chandler?: Turning water into wine.







With the much added extra time on our hands with there being no basketball season currently along with there being no basketball going all at all, one thought ran through my head that had me do a quick and short investigation.

It started with what's been mentioned in the past here or there regarding DeAndre Jordan's play possibly resembling that of Tyson Chandler's (how nice would that be?), at some point of his career. And those similarities came back to me. I decided to delve a little into the archives to dig up some comparisons of the two 7ft abnormalities known as centers(I know DJ is listed as 6'11", Chandler 7'1", but I like how this sounds better).

When going in I decided to compare the 2 at DJ's most recent age, since he is now a starter and closer to representing what he may actually produce on the court. I compared that to Chandler's year of equivalent experience, that being the fourth year, and came up with the below numbers. ......

Tyson Chandler vs. DeAndre Jordan (4th Seasons)

Many numbers were VERY similar or close enough. One big difference be the fg% the other points....and maybe blocks. But here we see two very similar players. Did you notice the PER?

Now looking at the two at 23 years old.

Chandler vs. DJ (same ages, also same season for DJ)

Here, to measure on a different of scale of equality, we go with age. Now we see something a little unexpected, perhaps. We see Chandler's numbers slip and his PER also drop. All around he is depreciated. Could we expect something similar from DJ or was this a freak nagging "injury bug" year for Chandler? I haven't researched that. Never-the-less. Looking on to Chandler's following year:

Chandler vs. DJ (Chandler 1 year older, DJ same year)

The next season we see Chandler as a full time starter, his PER is higher and he rebounds at a much higher rate. We see Chandler start to become what he is currently. A very valuable center very good at what he does. Is DJ going to be worth his contract if he produces those numbers next season and resembles the trajectory of Chandler? If you say "neigh", then this entire article was a waste of your time. If you think he will begin to live up to his contract...than you're in good hands...perhaps.

...Bottom line; "we" may be giving up on Hyland too soon.

...on a better note as well, DJ missed less games but not by as many as I would have previously guessed. Minus maybe 3 years of his career, Chandler doesn't miss a whole lot of games.

p.s. ...looks like a "Chandler" could help against our new next door neighbor.


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