The Sterling Lounge: Week of 9/17

After a three week absence, I am thrilled to once again bring you The Sterling Lounge as your regular host, LJ (Lucas?) Hann.

I feel the need to address a few things:

There will be more CNLs in the future. We are contemplating doing brief, 15-minute postgame ones at times during the season.

I'm posting this an hour early. I'm kinda sick and I have class at 9 AM tomorrow. Sue me. But please don't actually sue me. Sue Perrin. He put me up to it.

Even though I'm not feeling well I went to the homecoming thing and had a good time for those of you who I was talking to about that.

Yes, for those of you that were wondering, I did comment on the CN facebook page as 'Lucas Hann' to agree with my own remarks when I was commenting as 'Clips Nation'. Again, sue me, but don't really sue me.

I have no idea why sometimes it makes my name "Lucas Hann" instead of the beloved "LJ Hann" when I am commenting recently. I don't really care or mind either name. Jackduhsun is calling me "twinkles" but that's only for him cause we go back. It's funny because in my day-to-day life nobody- literally, nobody- has ever called me "LJ" (except for when people are referencing the site). Actually, it's very rarely been "Luke" due to some coincidental naming amongst classmates and teammates over the years. So at the first CN Night when everyone called me "LJ" it was kind of disconcerting. For a while I tried to shed the abbreviation but now I sort of embrace the persona and history of me using that name on here. I don't mind either way, but I'll be a little sad if all my comments and articles are now under "Lucas" and "LJ" dies out...

Anyways, enjoy your Sterling Lounge for the week. This is the place for all non-Clippers, non-NBA, and non-Basketball discussions you want to have with one of the other 4,000 members of the site. Politics (keep it nice), news, high school sports, reccomendations/reviews, and personal problems are just some of the many topics that PV Mike will ridicule you about as you wander the expansive territory of what is covered in The Sterling Lounge. Just don't talk about Drake. Nobody convinces anybody of anything when we talk for 500 comments about Drake.

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