Just some random thoughts and a late lightbulb...

[Note by John Raffo, 09/26/12 9:10 AM PDT ] Thought this little ramble deserved a little front page love. Enjoy citizen JackduhSun's musings on the joy that is having Chris Paul on the Clippers....

Ps. All links are click-able and highly encouraged. If this was corny and nothing of value, it was some just some random thoughts, treated sort of like a personal blog.

Did I just wake up from my dream?

We have Chris Paul. Chris freaking Paul. It took me a year to finally realize that we have a point god on our team. All throughout last year that I've been watching the games, I've always been very weary of Chris Paul's next move. And rather than realizing that the Clippers finally got a tier 1 player, I've always been critical and skeptical. And it's not that I just realized we got a tier 1 player, but that we got a tier 1 player that has changed recent perception indefinitely. It was like going through the motion and not realizing what is happening currently because of how fast it was happening. I know it sounds stupid, but the way the franchise has been ran throughout the years, it's hard to board the optimism rocket. I was always hesitant to board the rocket, constantly counting down the days before Chris Paul's next decision hits. And then I read this:

"Everybody finds it hard to believe, but everyone in my family knows this is the team I wanted to play for, not the Lakers."

Wow. I'm speechless. Chris Paul saying he wanted to come to the Clippers and not the Lakers? I mean he's always said he’s happy being a Clipper, but saying it this bluntly? Wait, let's rewind a bit; a player coming out and actually willing to say he wanted to play for what was the bottom dwellers of Los Angeles? What is this nonsense that you speak of? Of all the years that I have followed the Clippers, I've never once heard a player say they want to be here and would rather play for the Clippers. Not one. Not Elton Brand, not Darius Miles, and certainly not Andre Miller. This is a foreign concept.

But the thing about that is also the pride in one's team has become contagious. Not only is Chris Paul a great leader, he also provides a great locker room presence on this team. It's shown from Nick Young's pride to Reggie Evan's tweet's; players want to be here and are not forcefully here for salary purposes. Also players are showing pride in playing for the Clippers now. The chemistry between players have grown tremendously instead of just people you work with and the front office seems to finally be taking things slightly more seriously.

I think this is the first season I’ve ever been this optimistic to be a Clippers fan. Last season, I thought we’d be good, but didn’t think we were serious contenders. Now, I can see us making a serious title run. I’m excited for this season. I’ve waited too long for a player like this and it’s finally hit me. Bring on 2013.

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