ESPN's ranking of Clippers players

I'm going to post the rankings of ESPN's ranking of each player on the Clippers in this thread. The final tally is in.

A few things to note is that Kobe has moved up a spot, but is still only #6. This is going to be highly controversial but to me it sounds about right since people tend to look at what Kobe has done rather than can do.

Chris Paul didn't move up or down in the rankings this year, and to me, it's about right. I just don't see Rose being better than Paul, especially after last season. I was looking through the comments earlier and this sounded about right, Paul is like Peyton Manning (on the Cults before injury) while Rose is like Drew Brees. Paul has one of the best all around games while being able to make his teammates better. Rose is dynamic when scoring in bunches and is almost unstoppable when he's set on something. In the end, it really just matters what part of the game you value more.

Blake Griffin isn't top 10 this year, but I can't complain. When he improves on his jump shot, free throw shooting, and defense, he can claim that spot. As Chris Palmer noted

"Blake Griffin (No. 14) is the only player in the #NBArank Top 20 who has the potential to be twice as good as he is now."

The rest? There's a huge gap from 14-86 considering we had four players between those numbers last year. Only two players on the Clipper's current roster have improved in the ESPN's ranking so far and everybody here knows Steve Novak deserves to be in the top 10. The Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Zach Randolph Clam Chowder Marching Band Society agrees with my Steve NovaKKKK cult.

*The last statement has not been endorsed or confirmed by both parties. Sincerely the Steve NovaKKKK cult.

2012 Rankings:

Chris Paul: #4, last year #4

Blake Griffin: #14, last year, #10.
Deandre Jordan: #86, last year:114
Chauncey Billups: #110, last year #61
Jamal Crawford: #111, last year #76
Grant Hill: #114, last year #67
Eric Bledsoe: #122, last year #197
Caron Butler: #126, last year #87
Lamar Odom: #130, last year #44
Matt Barnes: #229, last year #185
Willie Green #308, last year #276
Ronny Turiaf #316 last year #247
Ryan Hollins #346 last year #309
Trey Thompkins #444, last year #451
Travis Leslie #461, last year 457

Notable alumnis:
Chris Kaman #113, last year 88
Mo Williams #125, last year 127
Steve Novak #176, last year 363
Kenyon Martin #193, last year 102
Randy Foye #201, last year 222
Reggie Evans #237, last year 244
Baron Davis #265 last year 106
Ryan Gomes #326, last year 234
Brian Cook #436, last year 378

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