Clippers Media Day - The Season Will Be Here Soon

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Media Day has arrived for NBA teams who will take international trips in pre-season like the Clippers. With training camp opening Saturday and the first pre-season game in just over a week, the 2012-2013 NBA season is officially upon us.

The Los Angeles Clippers are holding the pre-season Media Day today at the training facility in Playa Vista. After the seemingly interminable off-season, which gets particularly slow in August and September, official NBA events are back, and before you know it we'll be at STAPLES Center Halloween Night watching the Clippers play the Grizzlies.

With the team heading on a promotional trip to China to play pre-season games against the Miami Heat on October 11th and 14th, the Clippers get a little bit of a jump on other teams in the NBA when they open camp tomorrow. Teams not traveling overseas don't open camp until Tuesday. Of course, the last time the Clippers took an overseas pre-season trip, when they went to Russia in 2006, the disruption to the rest of their training camp became an excuse for the entire disappointing season (that also happened to be the last time the Clippers went to camp after competing i the playoffs the previous May). Let's hope that the Shanghai isn't the same problem that Moscow was.

Partly because of the China trip, the Clippers pre-season seems more non-stop than usual:

September 28 -- Media Day

September 29 -- Camp opens

October 4 3 -- Open scrimmage at Galen Center

October 6 -- First pre-season game, versus the Nuggets at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

October 11 -- Pre-season game versus the Heat in Beijing

October 14 -- Pre-season game versus the Heat in Shanghai

The team then still has five more pre-season games after they return from China before the season starts, including against the Lakers on October 24th. The scrimmage is a week from yesterday. The Denver game is a week from tomorrow! Holy crap -- Clippers basketball is here!

I'll be heading to Media Day in a few minutes and will try to update this storystream when I can.

Chris Paul, recovering from thumb surgery, will not be available for the beginning of camp or the early pre-season games. Blake Griffin is as far as I know fully recovered from off-season knee surgery to repair his meniscus and should be a full participant in training camp.

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