POLL: Eric Bledsoe - Keep or Trade?

Sorry if somebody's already posted this somewhere but honestly I know this sounds lame but I'm still not used to the new layout. Not complaining! Things just don't pop out to me like they used to.

So I read germanclippers post and I too like many others am conflicted! Eric Bledsoe is playing great right now so do you trade high or hold?

I didn't get to read through the many, many comments but just scanning through I put some of the ideas into this poll.

Scroll down for the poll or read below for my personal thoughts on The Bledshow.

A: Bledsoe is a point guard. His shot seems to be improving but I believe a good shooting guard should shoot lights out, jump shot, high release, etc. Bledsoe could develop that but does not seem to be that as of now.

B. Bledsoe's most valuable traits make him a higher risk investment. The things that seem to impress most about Eric is his athleticism / leaping ability. We've all seen how this trait along with his long arms and quickness make him special. But what happened after he slipped and fell on his hip? He went from being a special player to being below average offensively and defensively. True, he was hurt. But you can imagine if he hurt himself falling out of the sky from jumping for a rebound or block how much worse it could be. Andre Miller has had a long career with his feet on the ground. Watching Bledsoe makes you wonder if his career might get derailed or stunted by his high flying activity.

C. Chris Paul comes first. A or B wouldn't matter at all if not for CP3. No CP3? No-brainer, right? Extend Bledsoe for whatever it takes and move on. Well, theoretically this could still happen if CP were to unexpectedly decide to move to Dallas or Brooklyn or wherever he wants. Sure that seems extremely unlikely at this point but you never know what might happen between now and the upcoming FA signing period. What am I talking about? I am talking about something ridiculous like Blake sleeping with CP's mom or something else outlandishly immoral that would make CP want to bust out of LA regardless of it being the best team, etc. Not likely at all obviously but you never know.

D. Wait. So my final thought is to wait and play it all out. Make sure Clips re-sign CP and then evaluate trade offers for Bledsoe before the season. If they get a great offer they should take it. If not, keep Bledsoe for the season and roll the dice. Maybe his stock will drop and they will be able to sign him, even if Sterling has to pay tax. Who knows he might be in love with him by then. I haven't done any math. I don't know if they have space to re-sign Bledsoe after 2014. I think Caron comes off the books, Jamal might be a team option by then - if he's fallen off or showing signs of aging...

So what does the Nation have to say?

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