What is the REAL scoop on a Clipper trade for KG?

It's interesting how Doc Rivers went out of his way to deny any kind of trade activity involving the Clippers. Why so serious?

A trade where the Clippers get an aged KG and Pierce for four key rotation players (Bled, Butler, Odom, and DJ) would thin out the Clipper bench and create a very thin front line. Your third big off the bench would be Rony T. Not a comforting thought, especially if KG's minutes would be limited.

On the other hand, getting rid of players who have a propensity to make bad basketball decisions in exchange for hall of fame players who still have the ability to start and produce at a high level in this league is a tempting proposition. Let's face it, Bled's and DJ's decision making skills are not quite championship caliber. Butler, and Odom of late for that matter, haven't been demonstrating a high level of basketball IQ, either.

If you look at the Spurs and you look up and down their roster, you aren't awe-struck by the talent on that team, especially when you look at the age of their best players. They aren't in their prime anymore. What does strike you, aside from the obvious skills of their head coach, is that all of the players on their roster are smart ball players - or at least they aren't dumb.

I never thought that the Clippers would go far with the likes of Chris Kaman or B Dizzle because they weren't very smart ball players. Baron would make an amazing pass on one play and then, on the next possession, turn around and jack up a three with very little time off the shot clock. Kaman? I don't really have to go into that.

How many defensive lapses does DJ make per game that don't show up in a stat sheet? How many times per game does Bled run into excess traffic or mis-feed the post? These mistakes add up quickly during a ball game.

Fantasy or not, this is a trade worth doing. Bled and DJ aren't going to take the Clippers to the next level, but they are very fun to watch. The Spurs aren't so fun to watch, unless you like to watch basketball in June.

Hopefully, Doc is just holding his cards close to his vest.

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