Ryan Hollins should see court time in the Playoffs

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Ryan Hollins deserves only scrub minutes and is not a playoff rotation player. In a line up that that features three skilled big men, that makes sense. But are Hollins' skills and effectiveness that much less than DJ or Odom?

I haven't researched the advanced stats and they might well argue the opposite. But if the stats show that Hollins should sit, then my eyes are telling me a different story.

Every time Hollins gets on the floor he is pure energy AND length AND athleticism. This guy was a star high jumper at UCLA. At his height, that is plain crazy.

How many times have you seen Odom get beasted in the lane by opposing, physical offensive players? When was the last time you saw DJ or Odom put a hard foul on someone? How much do you like Odom's or DJ's offensive game? Do you like DJ's footwork on defense? How would you rate their hustle running back on defense or going after loose balls? How reliable is their free throw shooting? How would you rate DJ's attitude?

In limited sample time, I think that Hollins has shown to be equally as effective, if not more so, than DJ or Odom in the above categories. That doesn't leave many categories in which to favor Odom or DJ.

Hollins can also get a hook shot off in the post that looks pretty good - one that Odom rarely features. Odom doesn't (or can't) do lobs. Yes, DJ does lobs at an elite level and can feature a hook shot. Yet, how many times does DJ get stripped of the ball or commit a traveling violation) prior to getting off his hook.

Let's not forget that Hollins makes a tad less than DJ or Odom. So when you are trying to round out your roster next year, who might make a better, more economical fit?

Why Hollins should be an obvious bench warmer doesn't make much sense to me. Turiaf has energy, but more when it comes to twirling towels and fingers than showing energy on the court. Turiaf is no where near as long or athletic as Hollins.

If I were VDN, I would play Hollins in the regular rotation and offer these simple little instructions.

- Box out more

- Try not to foul when setting screens or when biting on pump fakes

- Don't try to do too much on offense by selectively picking your spots to score.

- Make your free throws

Otherwise, YOU GOT THE JOB.

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