SMFH David Letterman style

I love the Clippers they're like John Cena. There easy to like or hate and extremely predictible. After watching tonights game it was easy to see that this season is over like Jamarcus Russell's career. Even if they some how muster up the gumption to stand toe to toe with the Cubs they will not make it or be able to win the championship. I had high hopes just like every Clipper fan, especailly when Westbrook went down. After they lost tonight I started debating if the Clips would have been better with Kyrie Irving in the long run. Thats when I came to realize the Clippers have ten or more issues that will plague them unless corrected.

In no order at all

10. Why are any players going hard enough to hurt themselves at practice during the playoffs. ( Allen Iverson whould have choked Vinny the Black) Practices in the playoffs should only consist of watching film and walk throughs.

9. Fire Vinny!!! a lot of people agree that he is an issue. Besides making players practice hard during the playoffs ( This makes no sense at all cause the Clippers dont run any kind of offense besides screen and role and iso.)He does'nt make good adjustments on defense or offense. The fact that the Clippers dont set screens away from the ball or run any sets is sad. He also under uses players on the team. Not to mention HE NEVER GOES TO BAT FOR THE PLAYERS. He could mention how the refs never call 8sec in the paint. Or how the Cubs are getting to the line 7ft attempts more per game then their season avg. While his team is getting less attemtps then their season avg. etc etc (Hell I think Vinny is 90% percent of the problem)

8. Get DJ involved. (Everyone for the Most part on this site is down on DJ but thats cause Vinny the Black does'nt get him involved.) In my opinion he's a player that plays smarter and becomes more engaged when he gets plays called for him. It also instills trust in him.

7. Blake Griffin needs a jumper and he needs to take a game suspension for busting someones face open like Rampage Jackson used to do. This will end most of the hard fouls and make the league take notice. This also means his ft per game will go up. (the reason why his ft will go up is because the league will now have to protect the other player from getting their face broken if they constantly foul him, which leads to ft)

6. Boxing out. This falls on all players there is no excuse from finding a man and put a body on him ala Jason Collins. I guess this is what happens when kids play AAU they forget the fundamentals.

5. Stop settling for jumpers. This is a Vinny lack of system problem. Tough Juice shooting pull up jumpers can't be part of the game plan. If this is the plan get some damn jump shooters who stretch the floor.

4. Do not resign Billups and as of now don't let him play unless you need clutch ft. He's a liability on both ends of the floor.

3. Stop switching on every ball screen. Vinny's fault

2. Rotations during regular season can't be the same in the playoffs.

1a. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have to dominate 18 and 10 for Chris ,26 and 11 for Griffin. If the Clips want to be champs these are the numbers that will get them there. These numbers have to go up during the playoffs.

1b. Have a non black guy on the team. Every championship team has at least one non black person on the team over the last 20 years, which means no white or european guy on the team no championship ( name a team that has not had one since the 90's )

1c. Fire Vinny :) and get younger and longer at the 2 and 3 position

Sorry for it being so long just needed to get this off my chest.

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