Offseason Wish List

The recent three game losing streak in the playoffs against the Grizz have given Clips Nation a reality check. This team just ain't good enough as presently constituted to advance past the second round, if they can even get there. While it will probably be tough to add a third star to this team (assuming Blake is still considered a star with his weak showing in the playoffs and his increasing tendency to get injured), here are a few "make sense" moves that the Clippers could make over the off season to improve the team under the salary cap. I thought I should spit this out before the Clippers make an early exit from the post season to help ease my pain. Please join in and play general manager.

- Re-sign CP3 = no-brainer

- Three-way trade: DJ and Butler to the Boston, Bledsoe to Utah, Clippers get KG, Courtney Lee, and Enes Kanter. This works on the ESPN Trade Machine. Boston gets a younger, longer, and athletic center to join there younger core of players that Rivers can develop with his staff while unloading their contract with Lee, whom Boston has seemingly lost confidence in. Butler is an expiring contract and is serviceable if they keep him. Utah gets a young guard with big upside and Utah has no young, very talented guards but plenty of bigs. Clippers get a starting and reserve big who can score inside and outside, play defense, and rebound. They also get a starting two guard who can play D and who is athletic. If needed, throw in a 2013 2nd rounder and future picks.

- Re-sign Barnes, Hollins, Green, Odom and Billups for the veterans minimum. With the relatively low demand for their services given their present skill level, they would likely re-sign for the minimum to be with CP3 and to play in LA. Dropping Billups' and Odom's salaries would help clear cap space to re-sign CP3.

- Draft a SG/SF who can play and possibly start at SF. Allen Crabbe and Tim Hardaway Jr. and possibly other good wings might be available at #25 in the draft.

- Bring back Hill for one last year on his current contract to help provide depth at SF.

- Let Turiaf walk.

Starting Five = CP3, Lee, Draft Pick, BG, and Kanter. Bench = Billups, Crawford, Barnes Odom, KG, Green, Hill, Hollins.

Management/Coaching Changes:

Pass on Vinny. Offer Phil Jackson the Coach/GM position. After Jackson declines, hire Jerry Sloan.


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