NBA Rookies impressed by Bullock's shooting


Reggie Bullock was voted the second best shooter among all incoming rookies by his fellow rookies. Not bad for a 25th pick with a solid all-around game.

The NBA holds a rookie orientation for the top incoming rookies each year. One of the annual activities during that get-together beyond the photo shoot is a survey about their fellow rookies. The results of that survey are up on today.

One of the take-aways from the survey is that there's no one dominant rookie in this year's draft class. With 36 rookies casting ballots, fully 10 different rookies were named as the potential rookie of the year, with no one getting as many as a quarter of the votes (C.J. McCallum of Portland and Victor Oladipo of the Magic tied for first on the ROY question).

In fact, there wasn't much consensus on anything. Other than Oladipo being named on 63% of the ballots as the best defender, no one got a majority of the votes in any category.

The good news for citizens of Clips Nation fans is that the other rookies think Clipper rookie Reggie Bullock can shoot.

Which Rookie is the best shooter?
1. Ben McLemore, Sacramento -- 19.4 percent
2. Reggie Bullock, L.A. Clippers -- 16.7 percent
T-3rd: C.J. McCollum, Portland & Tony Snell, Chicago -- 13.9 percent
5: Tim Hardaway Jr., New York -- 11.1 percent
T-6th: Allen Crabbe, Portland & Erik Murphy, Chicago -- 5.6 percent
Others receiving votes: Trey Burke, Utah; Grant Jerrett, Oklahoma City; Ryan Kelly, L.A. Lakers; Jeff Withey, New Orleans; Nate Wolters, Milwaukee

When to pick the best shooter in the rookie class, six of the 36 rookies named Bullock, second only to Ben McLemore of the Kings in the category, who got seven votes. Given that (a) the Clippers were picking 25th in the draft and (b) they desperately wanted to add shooting and (c) Bullock seems to be a well-rounded player also capable of defending and far from a one-trick-pony, the fact that Bullock is regarded so highly as a shooter by his fellow rookies is a good sign. Are NBA rookies the best judges of such things? No; but they certainly know something.

For what it's worth, Bullock also received one vote in the "most overlooked" category.

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