Clippers Frontcourt Possibilities...

In trying to assess the Clippers frontcourt situation, I thought I’d list a few realistic trades that could help the Clippers in their future playoff push. The players listed below are cheap and address the scoring, rebounding and mental errors that plague our 2nd-unit’s power forward and center positions.

Possible Power Forwards:

Reggie Evans: The man, the myth, the legend…..and seemingly useless to the Nets who have Blatche, Garnett, Plumlee and Teletovic. With the highest rebound rate in the NBA, Reggie belongs with the Clippers and is perfect for going up against bruisers like Z-Bo. Also, considering he fits within the TPE, he could be of some financial relief to the Nets.

Plus, how could you not miss this…

Jeff Adrien: He is top 15 in rebound rate among qualified power forwards, he has a PER of 16.0, and while it must be taken with a grain of salt (given his limited minutes), Adrien is a high energy, grit and grind player who, despite his size, crashes the boards every chance he gets. Also, because his contract is not guaranteed past this year, would it really hurt to trade him for a less effective player such as Mullens or Jamison? Worst case: he’s a rental who rides the pine for low pay. Best case, a younger Reggie Evans.

Jeremy Evans: The Human Pogo-Stick may not be the strongest SF/PF of the bunch, but this year he has put up numbers that signify he is becoming a solid role-player. He has a 16.7 player efficiency rating and averages 6.6 points and 5.4 rebounds in limited time. This production comes at the "hefty" price tag of $1.7 million with no guarantees for next season. Moreover, his leaping ability makes his play style a solid fit for the Clippers. The only worry is his post presence; he may get some blocks, but I’m not sure he can body up with the best of ‘em. Regardless he’s a stretch four who's exciting and efficient.

Strong Centers:

Lamar Odom: He qualifies as a PF, but for arguments sake he belongs here. This is a no-brainer among Clipsnation as long as he comes back healthy and ready to play. I wholly trust Doc in assessing the circumstances and deciding whether Odom is fit for the team. If, so, he could be the sole piece to the championship puzzle.

Andrew Bynum: The head case. Still…a title-contender may be able to put Bynum in check. Kobe is not a better leader than Chris Paul and he was able to manage Bynum, thus, I don’t see why Chris Paul, Doc and the Clippers can’t. Also, Bynum is a backup. We’re not relying on him to win the game, we’re only relying on him not to "lose it"- literally and figuratively.

Ideas? Suggestions? I'm all ears...and hopefully the Clippers are too.

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