A Blasphemous Post: Why the Clippers should trade CP3

Yes, quite shocking, I know. This recommendation seems to break all the following conventional rules:

- You don't away trade franchise players.

- You don't trade away born leaders.

- You don't trade away future hall-of-famers.

- You don't break up the re-incarnation of Stockton and Malone.

- You don't trade away Point Gods.

Here is the problem, and a perhaps not so dirty of a secret: Blake Griffin is BETTER without CP3.

Why do the Clippers per-game assist totals rise when the game's assist leader, and it's not even close, go on the injured list? Is it only because the Clippers have been playing weak teams? No. Blake needs the ball in his hands more than CP3's style of play will allow.

Why do the Clippers remain within striking range against the Heat in the last minute of a game when every stat, except one, says that the Clippers should have lost that game by a wide margin? Answer: Rebounding

The NBA reality that has existed for a very long time is that NBA rings are won with great players who are at least 6'4" and over. I am sorry, CP3. You don't quite qualify. Trivia Time: How many NBA Championship Teams has the NBA featured over the past 60 years whose best player, or second-best player, featured a ball-dominant player who was under 6'4"?

Triple doubles notwithstanding, the Clippers don't need a player to bring the ball up, over dribble, and pass the ball to Blake with 6 seconds left on the shot clock. Blake is a rare hybrid of player; he can play like a power point and play like a point forward. On this team, CP3, you best serve the Clippers' needs by bringing the ball up and giving it off to Blake very early in the shot clock so that the offense can be run through Blake.

Blake has evolved into creating a QUADRUPLE threat by shooting, posting, driving, and passing. The Clippers need a point guard whose main role is the type that was well-played by the likes of Craig Hodges, who passed the ball off to MJ after he reached half-court line, or by the likes of Derek Fisher, who passed the ball off to Kobe. The Clippers simply don't need to use a lot of cap space for a player to perform this function.

So, what does a good team do to upgrade its roster significantly when it is trying to win a championship and is already maxed out on cap space? It breaks all of the conventional rules above and trades its best little guy for really good, bigger guys.

Here's the trade:

Clippers trade: CP3, Duds, and Green
Clippers get: KLove, Corey Brewer, JJ Barrea

Think about that? A back court with two JJ's!

Seriously, Corey Brewer gives the Clippers much needed wing defense and length that simply doesn't exist on this squad. Barrea gives the Clippers a third, decent option at the point, which can also continue to be manned by Collison and Crawford. Together, Brewer and Barrea give the Clippers championship experience that only exists with the individuals on this team who carry clip boards.

As for the main target, Kevin Love, he provides the Clippers with another elite big man who can stretch the floor while actually making shots. Equally importantly, KLove would give the Clippers the undisputed rebounding edge in the playoffs.

Love is able to play within an offensive system and share the ball - he doesn't need the ball in his hands for long stretches of time to be effective. Now, the Clippers would be able to keep at least two big-time bigs on the floor at all times, even playing Blake at the three and have all three bigs in the game to completely dominate the glass. If Doc was willing to put Blake on Lebron, I assume that Doc would be willing to take his chances with Blake guarding almost any other three in the league. If things at the three get a little tough for Blake, Corey Brewer would probably fill in a little better than Duds. Nice defensive adjustment there, Doc!

Let's face it. CP3 is probably the best passer in the game. He also happens to be an elite ball stopper by requiring the ball in his hands for long streches of time to achieve that distinguished rank. While we would all likely be sad to CP3 go, Clipper Nation got over EJ rather quickly. Seeing Doc sporting more hardware on his fingers would probably go a long way to ease our pain.

There are probably some major obstacles to this trade, such as Minny wanting to get a big to fill K Love's spot. If so, bring in a third-party to give Minny what it wants. KLove is no doubt gone from Minny in less than 1 1/2 years, while CP3 has at least 3 1/2 years left on his contract. When you have a franchise player who is not in a position to produce franchise results because of how he actually suppresses the production of another elite player on your team, you have to consider dealing him to make your team better. When you have a franchise player, other teams will listen to you.

If CP3 has a no trade clause, then, oh well. I guess I can at least share my dream with you here.

This Clipper squad, presently constructed, is headed for another short run in the playoffs unless it's willing to make a bold move. Tinkering around the edges will not likely work when there is a fundamental flaw with CP3's game.

Besides, he is under 6'4".

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