I had to...

I was doing just fine, just enjoying my Clippers like all of us in this blog, just chillin, having a good time, not paying attention to the negatives or the cons within the team...just enjoying life! The Clippers are a great team now, a true contender, they could easily win it all...

But then Saturday morning came...don't get me wrong, Saturday is my favorite day of the week, because something I love as much as the Clippers is Boxing, so it is my Boxing Day, nothing gets done while I watch boxing.

Well, Saturday morning I get woken up the Donald Sterling and his flamboyant Liberacean voice talking about the 'Blacks' yet again, this time in public, nationally, after being masterfully and sneakily set up by a woman who could be his great granddaughter.

This motherfucker...I said...just ruined it all. For all of us. No matter what. Whatever Adam Silver does won't be nearly enough if Donald gets to keep the team. It will be a disaster. Staff will leave, players may leave, or even ask for trades.

I already canceled my season tickets, I can watch from home. Don't need to keep feeding that fuckin pig of an owner.

Enough is enough. This clown has to get rooted out of the league. And whoever says that's he's not guilty until proven guilty, go suck a big one. Donald Sterling was carefully studied and picked apart by a professional bitch who knew exactly what she was doing...sad, but true. Hey, somebody had to oust him and it wasn't gonna be easy. This isn't someone with little or no proof, it's someone who was prepared to fuck him and not in a good way.

I hope this finishes him. Adam Silver needs to tear down this Berlin Wall of a man, every time I see him I scrub my eyes off because he's so gross to even look at, he looks like a dead sea lion...anyways...Donald brings the worst out of me, because I've always said.......



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