My Clippers-Warriors Game 4 Experience

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


As I promised, I'd like to share my Game 4 experience with you all in Oakland this past weekend.

I was already planning on going to that game prior to this whole DTS thing. The controversy honestly couldn't have come at a better time...

This was probably one of the strangest game I've ever been to. Knowing that the Clippers were probably going to come out flat, I knew what I was getting myself into when I stepped inside of the Roaricle. You could see it in the Clippers' eyes. You could almost feel how emotional they were from their body language. Deandre Jordan didn't even play in the 4th quarter. The Warrior fans were definitely passionate. They love their team and their arena was full of energy. It really WAS the Roaricle. Heck, they even had fireworks during the singing of the National Anthem. JUST the singing of the national anthem got the entire stadium roaring. The energy was through the roof.

As a Clipper Season ticket holder for 5 years now, I can pretty much say that I know the Staples Center like the back of my hand. One thing different that I've noticed from Oracle arena is that instead of 3 different sections, they only have a 300 (equivalent to Staples) section and a 100 Section. Seats are definitely closer to the court and it just felt a lot more packed. Something that the Oracle Arena has and Staples Center doesn't is a "Standing Area". Yes. They have a designated area that requires tickets just like any other seats for fans to stand to watch the game. I thought that was weird. Another thing I've noticed is that Clipper fans truly ARE extremely rare to some of the fans out there. The most common question that I've received from people is "How long have you been a Clipper fan?"

Throughout the game, Dubs fans took full advantage of the DTS scandal. They were yelling, heckling, calling me me a racist, screaming at me to get the F out of there, etc. It was horrendous. FYI, I only clapped and probably yell a couple of times when the Clippers made a small run. I was cheering with class as much as possible. They'd overreact every single call against the Warriors. Instead of talking trash to the players, I feel like they hated the refs even more. (Joey Crawford especially) Although I was sitting next to some Clipper fans, I really did not enjoy the game. Fans near me were obnoxious. Or maybe half drunk. But I guess having been through the lowest and the highest points of our beloved Clipper franchise helped me to endure it.

As tough as I described about the entire game, one thing that surprised me was the friendliness of the Oracle staff. They were actually friendly enough to say that the Clippers and Warriors should really relate to one another because we both been overshadowed by the Lakers.

In conclusion, it was an unique experience. It's rare enough for a die hard Clipper fan like me to fly 400+ miles just watch a playoff game in an enemy territory. But to experience a game like this right after what Donald Sterling did was excruciating. I'm just thankful that I made it out alive.


Outside of Oracle.


Blue Carpet!


Baron was showing some love. (Dubs fans were cheering)


They were really "loud and proud".


I was sitting in the 100s section.


After the game. "Did you want that scoreboard in the picture too?" -Random Dubs fan


Even met some Dubs fans at a restaurant because they have NEVER seen any Clipper fans before.

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