Offseason Primer and Options

Hi guys, I am new to Clippers Nation and I hope you guys welcome me with open arms. I am an offseason fanatic and love FA and the Draft, so that is why I am writing this article. I am going to break down the best-case-scenario for us and I want to know what you think.

Free Agency: Current Players - With 5 of our Clips set to hit FA the one that I feel is the most important has to be Darren Collison. DC, in my opinion, was better than Eric Bledsoe was for us, he has a player option, but why wouldn't he seek more? He anchored our OKC comeback and plays well when Jamal does not. We also have Danny Granger and Glen Davis under contract, but both have options, so let's hope they stay, because if Blake or DJ get injured we don't have any one of starting quality to back them up. Danny Granger can hopefully start for us next year, but if he does not, he is a player not worth keeping, simply because he does not produce enough off the bench and we just drafted Reggie Bullock. The other two players that are set to hit are Hedo Turkoglu and Ryan Hollins. Hollins is not a backup on a championship team (yes, I fully expect this team to win it all next year), so I don't feel he is worthy of a spot on our elite roster. Finally, Turk, he is a great contributor, shot 44% from three and can handle the ball, plus he is guaranteed to be cheap, so why not keep him?

Summary - Darren Collison - Keep, Glen Davis - Keep, Danny Granger - Let go (only keep if cheap), Hedo Turkoglu - Keep and Ryan Hollins - let go.

Draft: Needs - Backup PG, Backup SG/Shooting, Starting SF, Backup PF/C.

PG: Elfrid Payton, Shabazz Napier, Jordan Clarkson, Semaj Christon, Jahii Carson, DeAndre Kane.

SG/SF: Zach LaVine, Kyle Anderson, Glen Robinson, Cleanthony Ealy, TJ Warren, CJ Wilcox, KJ McDaniels, Thansasis Antetokounmpo, DeAndre Daniels, CJ Fair, DeAndre Daniels.

PF/C: Adriean Payne, Jerami Grant, Clint Capela, Jarnell Stokes, Mitch McGary, Khem Birch, Johnny OBryant.

Free Agency: Other Teams -

PG: Shelvin Mack (R), Aaron Brooks, Jordan Crawford (R), Patrick Mills, Grevis Vasquez, Devin Harris

SG: Xavier Henry, Rodney Stuckey, Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore

SF: Paul Pierce, Luol Deng, Jordan Hamilton, Michael Beasley, Trevor Ariza.

PF/C: Mike Scott (R), Kris Humphries, Andrei Kirilenko, Andrey Blatche, Spencer Hawes, DeJaun Blair, Jonas Jerebko, Jordan Hill, Ed Davis, Greg Oden, Udonis Haslem, Jason Smith, Channing Frye, Emeka Okafor, Kenyon Martin, Boris Diaw, Patrick Patterson, Drew Gooden.


Free Agency: Keep DC, Glen Davis and Hedo Turkoglu. Sign a big and a SF, preferably Pierce and Jerebko (Doc has a thing for players who burned him).

Draft: 1. Adriean Payne 2. Zach LaVine 3. Glen Robinson 4. Shabazz Napier 5. Thansis Antetokounmpo 6. Jerami Grant 7. Jarnell Stokes 8. Mitch McGary 9. Cleanthony Ealy 10. TJ Warren 11. Jahii Carson 12. DeAndre Kane

Here is our current depth chart:

PG Chris Paul, Darren Collison (Option)

SG JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford, Willie Green

SF Matt Barnes, Danny Granger (Option) , Reggie Bullock, Jared Dudley

PF Blake Griffin, Hedo Turkoglu (FA)

C DeAndre Jordan, Glen Davis (Option), Ryan Hollins (FA)

That is one solid team and that is going under the assumption we don't get players from opposing teams...Wow! That is with a Bi Annual Exception, Mid Level Exception, #28 Pick, New Owner (Maybe Magic!), Willie Green unguarenteed and Jared Dudley as a potential trade piece.

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