Clippers: Trade ideas, FA and Draft

I'm use to this and I know a lot about NBA but not so much about contract, money, whatever. The names of the players I would love to get and I believe they can be great fit to the team.

LANCE STEPHENSON: I know about him like with Lebron or the "fight" with Turner but I think he would be a great fit to the team. We can do a sign and trade with the Pacers with Crawford, JJ, Matt, Bullock and Dudley. Of course not all of them maybe Crawford and Dudley. That makes 9 millions dollars to pay Lance. Pacers would love to get a scorer of the bench and add shooter if they can deal with Dudley (Had one bad year hopefully they understand that). He would be very good go to scorer and also can play defense which we need, plus he is young 23 or 24 idk. The team has CP3 and Doc River i bet they can deal with Lance.

BRANDON BASS: can play defense, spread the floor, can be a good backup for BG. Doc knows Boston and Boston knows Doc = trade partners lol. Danny Ainge knows Clips need frontcourt help which he can use that to his avantage. Dudley and Bullock for Bass also Clips add their 28th pick and Celtics loves picks. IDK if they would like it or not maybe they can consider the pick should do it.


Chris Anderson: Can play defense which Blake can't do. isn't a big player so he wouldn't cost too much which is good.

Darren Collison: He would love to come back and he was a great player with the Clippers but I wish he could make his decision sooner due to the draft because if he doesn't want to come back we need a backup point guard in the draft. He should be our focus in the FA


Shabazz Napier: Love to get him he should be our number one target in the draft if DC wants to leave for $$. NBA ready pass first point guard, he can learn from CP throughout the season.

Deandre Kane: I know his Age 25 that is old but he is NBA ready, strong, could drive and take contact. Could pass well and shoot.

Mitch Mcgary: He could hustle, defend and plays with heart. We need that, got injury so his stock fell a lot which is good for us because some told me he was a very high pick like top 15 but IDK if that is true or not.

I still prefer trading the pick with Dudley and Bullock for Brandon Bass. Love to get Lance Stephenson he would fit well and Chris Paul isn't afraid to boss someone on a game and the opposite with Doc off the game. Also having resign DC and getting Birdman. I hope these idea make sense for both team. Lastly if we get Lebron it changes everything like can't get Lance, losing BG or DJ, we need a starter in the Power forward slot. Also i'm lost with the small forward postion idk who to get or how.

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