Sign and trade ideas and guards-big man ideas

I think with a couple of changes that I think we can win a NBA title I think we should try to get Lance Stephenson and Chandler Parsons. I like having Melo and Lebron but at the same time I love keeping DJ, Blake and chris paul. I think we can do a sign and trade although doing a sign and trade with the rockets will be harder and it's worth the try.

LANCE STEPHENSON: He plays with heart, he can rebound well for his size and can play defense better then JJ and Jamal, he also fearless. We have Chris Paul and Doc River who aren't afraid to push they players. Like during a game Chris Paul will boss Lance and doc will bench him or talk to him after a game or something. Like frank say "I just want Lance to be Lance" and look what happen lol. Doc will change his mindset. Lance is a wild card, he can damage the team and be bad in the locker room. At the same time he can help and defend players like Russ or Klay or whoever also he Is young and will fit to lob city. Sign and trade for Lance maybe JJ, Barnes, and future pick for Lance. Pacers I think "overpaid" CJ Miles so I doubt they will have Lance. JJ is a team defender, Barnes is also a defender which pacers love also JJ is a shooter and pacers need shooters.

CHANDLER PARSONS: I love DJ and Blake and the clippers team doesn't who the same losing CP3, Blake or even DJ, so I don't mind if we don't get Lebron or Melo. Deng I doubt he's coming but we can try and Ariza I'm afraid about overpaying I don't think he is worth. Parsons is young, can rebound and play defense. He is athletic so he can easily fit in. We can get him if rockets get Melo or James, if not I think rockets will resign parsons but hey we can try lol. Sign and trade Jamal, Dudley, and future pick(s) for parsons. Rockets need shooters (they can try Dudley) but mainly a good sixth man and scorer which jamal is both. I don't think rockets will look at his age because recently Jamal just won sixth man of the year and had a great season.

Point guard

Darren collision: he had a great year with us and he would like to come back and resign with us. If not we have other ideas. Number 1 choice

DeAndre Kane: This is just me but I would love to get undrafted rookie DeAndre Kane. He is old for a rookie (25) but he is mature, strong, can play defense, athletic and mainly NBA ready which is good for team looking to contend.

Delonte West: Doc had him before and west was good when he play In the NBA before and wants a comeback. Average 23 points in china and if we can get at least half of that he can fit will.

Big Man

Chris Anderson (Birdman): A great defender and shot blocker which we need not the best rebounder but better then what we had before.

Jordan Hill: a great rebounder and defender very strong on the glass.

Chris Kaman: would love for him to come back and play for LA (this time clippers) getting old but still have it in him as a rebounder and defender.

Patrick Young: a good undrafted rookie physical and good shot blocker. We need someone strong and big. I don't want someone named Big Baby lol jk.

thats all I got and looking back at this can this be realistic or this is a pipe dream. I would love to at least get chandler, resign collision and 1 one the 4 big man. Lineup for our 1st and second unit

PG: Chris Paul-Darren Collison

SG: Lance Stephenson- CJ Wlicox (now u understand drafting CJ Wlicox)

SF: Chandler Parsons- Reggie Bullock

PF: Blake Griffin-Birdman

C:DJ- let's say Jordan hill.

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