Lucas Hann

Editor, Author, Lead Moderator

After over two years of steadily reading and commenting on Clips Nation, Lucas took the next step and volunteered to begin authoring features for the front page. When Clipper Steve gracefully accepted him as the youngest member of the staff, he dove in headfirst. Now, after another three years working for Clips Nation as an author, editor, and moderator, Lucas will be moving on this fall as he moves across the country to begin study at St. John's University. He plans to attend law school after receiving his undergraduate degree. For the experience, gifts, and friends that Clips Nation has brought him over the last five years, Lucas is incredibly grateful.


Orlando Claims Willie Green Off of Waivers


According to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski, the Orlando Magic have claimed recently waived guard Willie Green off of waivers. The Clippers were rumored to be interested in re-signing Green if he...

Report: Clippers Interested in Trevor Ariza


According to's Ramona Shelburne, the Clippers are one of a few teams with interest in free agent small forward Trevor Ariza.

NBA Landscape Update 1.4 Details


The first post-draft, pre-moratorium update includes some final details on qualifying offers and guarantee dates as teams head into the craziness that is July.

Clippers Waive Willie Green


The Clippers waived Willie Green's unguaranteed contract Saturday morning.

NBA Landscape Update 1.3 Details


In this update... a lot happened.

Draft Philosophy: Why Doc Rivers Chose C.J. Wilcox


The NBA Draft is a crapshoot, but the Clippers took the guy they believed in.

Doc Rivers Discusses C.J. Wilcox With Media

After the draft, Clippers coach Doc Rivers discussed rookie C.J. Wilcox with the media at the Clippers' practice facility in Playa Vista.

NBA Draft 2014: Clippers Select C.J. Wilcox


With the 28th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Clippers selected C.J. Wilcox, a 6'5" SG from the University of Washington.

NBA Draft Open Thread


Sorry I'm late guys, I got caught up in traffic. Comment here during the draft and we'll keep you updated if the Clippers make any moves.



I don't know if anybody is going to use this, but I'll put it up just in case.  I'll be watching and tweeting/yelling extremely patriotic things.  I hope you will be too. Our sports teams are...

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