Lucas Hann

Editor, Author, Lead Moderator

After over two years of steadily reading and commenting on Clips Nation, Lucas took the next step and volunteered to begin authoring features for the front page. When Clipper Steve gracefully accepted him as the youngest member of the staff, he dove in headfirst. Lucas hopes to use the advice of the many readers of Clips Nation and the experience provided to him by this website to move forward through high school and into college as a journalist. He can be found breaking ankles at Clips Nation Night.


Watching the NFL Playoffs? Comment Here.

In case you wanted to discuss the NFL playoffs with your fellow Citizens, here's a thread for such shenanigans.

Waived Players and 10-Day Contracts

I don't ever remember a time when early January was as crazy roster-wise as it is this year for the Clippers, but with the deadline to waive players and the start of 10-day contracts, there's a lot going on in the rumor mill.

Lucas Hann Appears on SpursCast

On Sunday night, I sat down to record an episode of SpursCast with Aaron Preine and Jose Grijalva of

Clippers Waive Maalik Wayns

The Clippers have released backup PG Maalik Wayns.

Clippers-Spurs Open Thread

Here ya go, citizens...

Clippers-Blazers: The Questionable Blogger

I e-mailed with Dave Deckard of BlazersEdge and discussed the Blazer's surprising success so far this season.

Clippers 103, Warriors 105: Cowardly Basketball

That was beyond frustrating.  Not because the Clippers played poorly, or because the Warriors played well, but because a combination of cheap play and horrible officiating brought about the final...

Clippers-Hawks: The Questionable Blogger

To help prepare for the Clippers' next game against the Atlanta Hawks, I exchanged some questions with Daniel from SBNation's Hawks blog, Peachtree Hoops.

Happy Birthday, ClipperSteve!

Citizens, we interrupt your regularly scheduled Clippers news to bring you even bigger news: it's our own Steve Perrin's birthday! While myself and some other citizens contribute, it's important...

10 Game Report: Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are 7-3 through their first 10 games, and we're learning good and bad things about the team.

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