Clippers Power Rankings Watch

Every week, we'll take a look at all the major Power Rankings to see where the Clippers stand in the world of NBA punditry.

Power Rankings Watch: Next stop, playoffs


In the final power rankings of the season, the Clippers are third to the Spurs and the Thunder in the opinion of most.

Power Rankings Watch: No movement at the top


Everyone agrees that the best three teams in the NBA are the Spurs, Clippers and Thunder, with the Spurs on top and the Thunder and Clippers a coin toss right now.

Power Rankings Watch: The final push


The Spurs are the consensus top team in the NBA as they ride a 17 game winning streak into the final weeks of the season, but the Clippers are second or third on everyone's list.

Power Rankings Watch- Lucas Edition


With ClipperSteve out of town, I step in and handle the power rankings roundup for this week. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Power Rankings Watch -- And then there were two


The Clippers and Spurs have risen to the top of the collective NBA power rankings, and it's really no contest. The only question is which team is number one and which is number two right now.

Power Rankings Watch -- Top 3 across the board


After a week in which several top teams really struggled, the Clippers, Spurs and Rockets, in some order, emerge at the top of the various power rankings.

Power Rankings Watch: Clippers on the rise


It was a good week for the Clippers both on and off the court as they won three games and also signed Danny Granger.

Power Rankings Watch: Post ASG


The Clippers salvaged a tough week with a huge win in Oklahoma City and now they are poised to really go on a run.

Power Rankings Watch: CP3 is back edition


The Clippers held in the four-five-six range in Power Rankings this week, but the return of Chris Paul could see them climbing quickly after the All Star break.

Power Rankings Watch: Clippers continue to rise


The pundits are getting excited about the return of Chris Paul, and are duly impressed with the way the team has played without him.


Power Rankings Watch -- Clippers inching up


The Clippers are slowly inching up the rankings to more or less where they belong for the time being.

Power Rankings Watch -- MLK Day late edition


After a week where the Clippers lost an unwinnable game and won two others, they inched up just a bit in the collective Power Rankings.

Power Rankings Watch: Clippers Lucky 7


The pundits agree -- as of this moment, the Clippers are the seventh best team in the NBA, which isn't bad for a team playing without its best player I suppose.

Power Rankings Watch: LAC drops with loss of Paul


The first set of Power Rankings since Chris Paul's separated shoulder shows about a one spot drop for the Clippers, which may be too kind in the long run. This week's average: 8.

Power Rankings Watch: Close losses still losses


After a week where the Clippers dropped two of three games, with one loss was aided by an officiating decision the league admits was incorrect and the other was in overtime on the road to a top...

Power Rankings Watch: Clippers moving up


The Clippers moved up to fifth or sixth in most NBA Power Rankings after a week in which they went undefeated and posted several double digit victories. This week's average: 5.5.

Power Rankings Watch: Good week for the Clippers?


The Clippers didn't look great on their road trip, but they posted a 3-1 record during the final week of it and saw a corresponding bump in the power rankings this week.

Power Rankings Watch -- Bad week doesn't hurt much


It was a bad week for the Clippers, with ugly losses in Atlanta and Cleveland. Last week they were ranked seventh in almost every Power Ranking; this week, they range from 7 to 10.

Power Rankings Watch -- Clippers roll a seven


The major NBA Power Rankings this week seem to agree that the Clippers are currently the seventh best team in the league.

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