Los Angeles Clippers Game Threads

Clippers-Spurs Open Thread


Here ya go, citizens...

Las Vegas SL Game 2: Clippers vs D-League Select


After a nice win against the Hawks SL squad on Friday, the Clippers play their second game tonight against the NBA D-League's select team. On Friday, rookie Reggie Bullock led the team in scoring...

Las Vegas Summer League Game 1: Clippers vs. Hawks


The Clippers play their first summer league game today. You can watch it on Prime Ticket at 3:00 PST. If you don't get Prime Ticket, the game will be available on NBATV. The Clippers roster: R...

Game 2 4th Quarter Thread


It's been a long time since I posted something, but the Clipper Nation needs me...

Clippers-Lakers Second Half Open Thread


Happy Valentine's Day Clips Nation! Let's cap it off with a good second half and a win!

Clippers 102- Knicks 88 Roll Call


Roll Call Info Total comments 998 Total commenters 31 Commenter list Adobo_King, Buddahfan, Bui Himself, CarlosCee, Divine Beast, FlyByKnight, Guitarzan, Guyver423, Hoopforia,J...

Clippers-Heat Second Half Open Thread


Clippers are down 62-50 at halftime.

Clippers-Wizards Roll Call


Roll Call Info Total comments 425 Total commenters 36 Commenter list Adobo_King, Buddahfan, Bui Himself, CarlosCee, Champ Crawdaddy, Divine Beast, FlyByKnight, Guitarzan,G...

Clippers 96, Blazers 83 Roll Call


Order was restored tonight as the Clippers trounced the Blazers by 13. Here's your roll call. Roll Call Info Total comments 721 Total commenters 35 Commenter list A...

Clippers 100, Blazers 101


Two great performances by Blake Griffin and Nic Batum, more-than-questionable play calling for the Clippers down the stretch, and a tough loss. Here's your roll call. Roll Call Info T...


Clippers-Suns 2nd Half Open Thread


Apparently I'm not allowed to publish an article with zero words. So, words.

Thunder 109, Clippers 97 Roll Call


The Clippers struggled against an Oklahoma City team that made took advantage of their open shots and maybe even got a little lucky on about five threes, and fell by 12. Roll Call Info ...

Clippers-Thunder 2nd Half Open Thread


The Clippers are close with the Thunder at halftime, trailing 49-45, despite missing CP3.

Clippers 99, Warriors 106 Roll Call


Man... Clippers were beat up, but so were the Dubs. Warriors made a lot of shots, but so did the Clips. Blake Griffin OWNED David Lee though. 26 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 2...

Clippers-Warriors Open Thread


Sorry this is late guys.

Clippers 94, Wizards 87 Roll Call


Clippers pulled one out and beat Washington.

Clippers-Timberwolves 2nd Half Open Thread


Clips up narrowly at halftime on TNT.

Clippers-Rockets 2nd Half Open Thread


Ain't nobody messin' with my Clips, Clips, Clips, Clips, Clips....

Clippers 99, Grizzlies 73 Roll Call and Reactions


The Clippers won easily in Memphis.

Clippers-Grizzlies 2nd Half Open Thread


What the Bledsoe?

Clippers-Warriors Second Half Open Thread


They see me rollin', they hatin'....

Clippers-Lakers 2nd Half Open Thread

Clippers up 10 at halftime, 61-51

Clippers-Lakers open thread


The Clippers can extend their lead over the (once) mighty Lakers to ten games while tying their own home winning streak with a win tonight, but the Lakers won't go down without a fight.

Clippers-Warriors 2nd Quarter Open Thread

The Clippers fought back against an explosive first quarter offensive attack from the Warriors, and trail by 9 heading into the second.

Clippers- Nuggets Open Thread


Leave your comments here as the Clippers look for 18 straight.

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