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Back From the (Former) USSR

Now that the Clippers are back home, and starting camp in Santa Barbara, we should at least be getting a little coverage from the local papers.  I mean, I know the Times wasn't going to send Jason Reid to Moscow, but can't we do better than an AP wire story for the L.A. Clippers in the L.A. Times?

Anyway, today's Times has some tidbits about Dunleavy's (lack of an) extension (he's not worried) and Kaman's (lack of an) extension (MD has 'strongly recommended' that it happen) and Elgin's lowest in the NBA GM salary (what a shocker).  

Also, apparently the team is going to sign Lamond Murray.  I had heard that he was running with the Clippers in pick up games at their training facility, but when they signed some free agents to take to Moscow, I figured they weren't interested in Murray.  I was shocked and confused to see Lamond playing quality minutes in the Heat-Nets playoff series last May, and he actually looked pretty good.  If he can stroke the three, he could actually help this team some.