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NBA Blog Preview: Southwest Division

The 30 Teams in 30 Days project continues, and we are one third of the way through the league.  With the San Antonio Spurs posted today, we now have all of the Southwest Division.  This Division, with all 5 teams having a good shot at the playoffs, presents many rivals for playoff seeding for the Clippers.  Assuming it's unrealistic to catch Dallas or San Antonio, the Clippers must finish ahead of the other teams in this division, or win the Pacific, in order to have a favorable matchup in the first round of the playoffs.  

The Grizzlies had a better regular season record than the Clippers last year with an asterisk (remember the tank game last April 18?), but the loss of Pau Gasol for the first several months really hurts them.  The Rockets and the Hornets, on the other hand, both figure to be much improved.