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Kaman and Dunleavy

It's nice having the Clippers back in Southern California, if only because the beat writers from the local papers can cover them, and there's at least SOME news.

As they opened this portion of camp in Santa Barbara Tuesday, the talk was mostly about Dunleavy and Kaman and their respective extensions.  At this point, the two may be a package deal, with Dunleavy strongly urging the Clippers to re-sign Kaman, and Kaman very attached to Dunleavy.  Jason Reid of the LA Times stressed this interdependancy a little more strongly

Although Dunleavy declined to comment on whether he would sign an extension if the Clippers rejected his recommendation, team sources said retaining Kaman is Dunleavy's top priority.

Apparently, the feeling is mutual.

Dunleavy remaining in his role is "one of the most important things for me," Kaman said after practice Tuesday at Santa Barbara City College. "To have Coach Dunleavy here ... it's definitely big."

than did Art Thompson III of the OC Register.  

But Dunleavy also wants to see the Clippers sign center Chris Kaman to an extension. Kaman is an integral part of Dunleavy's system.

This kind of thing worries me, if only because I've been a Clippers fan for far too long, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  For now, everyone's saying all the right things like "I'm not worried about it" and "I'm sure everything's going to work out."

But my fatalistic, self-loathing inner-Clipper thinks this could snowball - Livingston could see a prolonged negotiation and think, "If they're not taking care of coach and Kaman, maybe they won't take care of me."  Then Maggette could think, "It's starting all over again, like when they let Odom and Miller walk and we won 28 games", and then because of all the negative energy, Brand would blow out his ACL.  But probably that's not what is going to happen.  Probably. I'm just glad that Dunleavy and Kaman are white, so no one can play the 'Sterling is a racist' card.  Oh wait.  UNLESS they both get huge contracts, then all the black players will think it's only because they're white.  See what fun it is to be a Clippers fan?  You learn to think this way.