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The Poltergeist Connection

It all makes sense.

Today in the Press Telegram, Joe Stevens reported that among the delays associated with the Clippers planned training facility was "...a belief that the marshy site could have been an Indian burial ground...."

This got me thinking about the myriad parallels between the Clippers and the 1982 movie Poltergeist in which a house attacks the family living there, simply because it was built over an old cemetary.  

There's the obvious connection, that both the house and the franchise are cursed.  The tree that attacks the brother?  That's Bill Walton's feet.  The psycho clown doll?  That's Danny Ferry.  Even the good guys have parallels.  Zelda Rubenstein as the dwarf who tries to exorcise the demons is clearly Earl Boykins.

But look at the 1982 roster, the year the movie was released.  Jobeth Williams plays Diane Freeling in the movie.  The Clippers' leading scorer in 1981 was Freeman Williams, who was hurt most of 1982.  Coincidence?

Then there's this.  The movie was directed by Tobe Hooper.  The Clippers' in 1982 featured Joe Bryant, the father of Kobe Bryant, who haunts the Clippers to this day.  Tobe?  Kobe?  What kind of way is that to spell those names?  Why not Toby and Kobi?  The 'e' should be silent the way they spell it, and yet the 'e' is not silent!

Still not convinced.  Just look at Chris Kaman's hair, which clearly is EXACTLY the same as little Carol Anne's.  That's him in front of the TV.