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Camp News

Not much to report from Santa Barbara.  Cassell and Thomas have been sitting out, ostensibly because they are nursing injuries, but more likely because they are old and don't like training camp.  Rebraca is at least 2 weeks away from playing basketball, and still receiving epidurals, which is NOT a good sign.  If he can play 10 minutes a game in 30 games this year I'll be shocked.

Among the topics in the papers,

Interestingly, one piece of seemingly significant news got barely a blip.  According to Stevens, Corey Maggette is leaving Santa Barbara to return to Chicago and may not be back before the Clippers break camp.  

Clippers swingman Corey Maggette said he will leave Santa Barbara today and fly home to Chicago because of personal reasons. He refused to elaborate further on why he had to leave and might miss the rest of the Clippers' time in Santa Barbara. His health and the start of his season, though, will not be affected.

Obviously, I hope everything is OK with Corey.  But it is unfortunate that, after missing so much time to injury last season, and losing his starting job, he can't be at camp.  Now is the time for him to prove to Dunleavy that he can improve on defense, learn the rotations, and play under control on offense.  I always assumed that Corey would win back the starting job in pre-season, but I don't see that happening if he's not in camp.