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Chris Wilcox - Team Leader?

According to Gary Washburn in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (one of my favorite paper names, btw - what the hell exactly is an intelligencer?  That's a made-up word), Chris Wilcox is being asked to take a leadership role in the Sonics clubhouse, and is doing so. practice, the growl of Wilcox's deep voice pushing a teammate to run harder during a drill is common.

I wonder how long this will last.  This is the same Chris Wilcox who only worked hard to get dunks, never to play defense or rebound, during three and a half years with the Clippers.  On one occasion, Wilcox stood and watched his man grab an offensive rebound and put back, bringing a towel slinging Sam Cassell off the bench to drop multiple F-bombs on C-Weezy.  Cassell was assessed a technical foul, but explained to the ref that he was yelling at Wilcox's lazy ass, not at the ref, who apparently agreed that Wilcox deserved the tongue-lashing, and rescinded the T.

Wilcox has talent.  There are not many better athletes at his size in the league.  But he needs to prove, for more than 29 games during a contract year, that he can play the game for 48 minutes, on both ends, and in practice.  We'll see.  Don't be surprised if Nick Collison is starting ahead of him by January.  I'm just saying, don't spend a high fantasy pick on this guy.