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Go Olympiacos!

The Reds are 2-0 in the HMBC (the Greek League).  They beat Panellinios 84-71 in front of a crowd of zero in Athens.

European basketball is such a soap opera.  There's always something crazy going on.  I don't actually know what happened (does anyone out there know?), but Olympiacos was being punished for something and had to play the home game in an empty arena.  

And that's not all.  Before the game, the Panellinios coach announced he was quitting, as neither he nor anyone on the staff had been paid for 3 months.  And we thought DTS was a bad owner!

Alex Acker, the former Wave and Piston, led the Reds with 19 points.  MBFGC did not play.  He had been battling illness the week before, but I thought he was feeling better, so I'm not sure why he sat this one out.