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ClipperSteve Wonders....

TNT's Clippers-Lakers broadcast Thursday night, included a 'Steve Wonders' feature where Steve Kerr poses and then answers some trivia question.  The question was, since moving to LA, how many times have the Clippers finished ahead of the Lakers?  The answer they gave was 3 times, 1992, 1993 and 2006.  Interesting stuff.  Too bad it was not the correct answer.

The Clippers also finished ahead of the Lakers in 2005, when the Clippers won 37 games and the Lakers won 34 games.  Bizarrely, it was the second time someone made the same mistake that day.  Kevin Modesti wrote a column in the LA Daily News on Thursday morning saying, "Last season, the Clippers (47-35) were competitive with the Lakers (45-37) for the first time in years."  

How tough is it to check this stuff out?  I mean, I'm just some schmo fan, and I can look up two teams' records and compare them.  We're talking about something that happened two seasons ago.