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I Guess It Really Is FANTastic

According to the box scores on the website, several of Saturday night's pre-season games had some pretty good attendance.

The game between Indiana and Minnesota in Moline, IL drew 27,904 to the MARK of the Quad Cities Arena (capacity, 12,000).  Apparently, there are a lot of Kevin Garnett fans in Moline, almost 16,000 of whom were willing to stand in the aisles to watch.  Talk about the Big Ticket!

Almost double that crowd, 54,528 showed up at the TD Waterhouse Center in Orlando to watch the Magic play Memphis.  With a capacity of 17,248, the extra 37,320 bodies that squeezed in must have been some sort of oversold record.

Except that there were about 46,000 extra bodies at the Cleveland-Atlanta game played in Columbus.  The attendance of 64,256 listed on is 46,000 greater than the venue's 18,000 capacity.  But, it is LeBron James.  I'm guessing that most of them just decided to watch some basketball after they left the Buckeye's game.