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Clippers 97, Blazers 89 (Pre-season)

These pre-season games are not leaving me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

After letting a 16 point 3rd quarter lead shrink to 4 against the Sonics last week, the Clippers lost all be 1 point from another 16 point lead against the hapless Blazers last night.  In both games the Clippers managed to record wins, but if pre-season is really about style points, losing big leads represents an automatic deduction.

The Portland game appears to have been played in Bizarro World.  The Clippers were the best rebounding team in the league last season, and one of the best in field goal defense.  On the other hand, they forced the fewest turnovers in the league.

So what happened in Staples Wednesday night?  The Clippers were out-rebounded 31-15, and allowed the Blazers to shoot almost 60%, 28-47.  (I guess if the other team only misses 19 shots, then getting 15 rebounds is to be expected).  So why didn't the Blazers win, if they dominated the rebounding and shot 60%?  Because they committed an ASTOUNDING 32 turnovers.  

Shaun Livingston continues to play well.  15 points and 10 assists is a blue print for a great season.  

Sam Cassell played in his first pre-season game since Moscow, and scored 15 points in 23 minutes.  Chris Kaman sat out again with a strained hammie.