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Roster is Set

As expected, the Clippers waived Lamond Murray, Ryan Humphrey, Jawad Williams and Dawan Robinson today, retaining only the 14 players with guaranteed contracts.  

With Zeljko Rebraca still a long way from playing basketball, the Clippers will enter the season with 13 (semi) healthy bodies.  Kaman, Cassell, Thomas and Williams all have some nagging injuries, but should be ready for the Suns on November 1.

Dunleavy likes to keep the 15th roster spot open for flexibility during the season.  I'd sure like for someone to scour the waiver wire looking for an extra shooter (better than Lamond Murray) to fill that spot now, but I'm not the GM.

As for Jawad, Dawan and Ryan, it's got to be tough, going into camp with 14 players on guaranteed contracts, knowing that the team will probably open the season with 14.  (I'm leaving Lamond out because he's a vet, and may or may not land somewhere else, but he's had a nice career at any rate.)  Basically, these guys had no chance from day one, and they knew it.  But you do your best, maybe you impress another team, or maybe the coach remembers you for next season.  Quinton Ross was the last cut in the 2003 camp, played a year in Belgium, and then signed a guaranteed deal in 04.